Competition for students with a festival MIXER 2010 Added:14.10. 2010
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Competition for students with a festival MIXER 2010

Multimedia Festival organizers ** ** MIXER announced an international competition for students of universities and colleges. Its purpose is primarily to enable all artists starting to show their talents and present a wider audience. Everyone can join the full-time students of universities and colleges in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Participants can choose from four categories:

  • ** Photos ** – advertising, art, studio, reportage, etc.
  • ** Graphic Design ** – painting, illustration, drawing, etc.
  • ** Video ** – short fiction or animated film
  • ** 3D ** – industrial design and packaging, apparel and footwear, glass and ceramics, art installation, architecture, etc.

The entries with entry form must be received by mail or in person to 31 ** October 2010 **. Each competitor can participate only as an individual and may submit only one work or a body of work (for example, a collection of photos, etc.) into one category. Participation in the competition is free. Competitive projects will then be assessed by a panel composed of experts in their field for all participating countries. The best works will be awarded. More information about the competition please go to „site TBU“: and

MIXER Festival 2010 will take place in Zlín on 17th ** – 20 ** November 2010 and its theme this year is ** ART THERAPY ART = CURE would **. The event, dating back to 2003, organized by students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU), in the subject Communication Agency. Part of the show will be primarily lectures, discussions, workshops, evening events, concerts and screenings, performace, calisthenics and breakfast, tea at five, reading room and much more.

Source: Logo Source: FMC website TBU

Author: Černá, Lucie

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