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OSP TSP NSZ - wherein they differ, and how well they prepare? Added:27.10. 2010
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OSP TSP NSZ - wherein they differ, and how well they prepare?

More and more universities accept students on the result of the „test of study skills.“ But there are several types of such tests and each of them can be a proper nightmare in the head high school graduates. The good news is that it is almost always possible natrénovat such tests and their results to improve. Companies offering the preparatory course there are many – among them the right to choose?

** ** Council home

OSP Test (or „test of general study skills“) is a test prepared by the so-called Scio National Comparative Test (NSZ). In contrast, TSP (also „test-Study“) applies Masaryk University in all faculties except the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of social studies and prepares it herself. The tests of this type but you can also meet up at some other universities, they are generally similar test IQ test. Before you start looking for any preparatory courses, make sure you know exactly how they look on your entrance exam study program, and what exactly you have to type. In any case, get yourself examples of entrance tests from previous years and review them. It will prepare you better when you know exactly how test questions look – not to mention that if the direct repeat, are you in the individual's very similar.

** National Comparative Test and Society Scio **

National comparative test preparation company or NSZ „Scio“:…Kriteria.asp?…. On the system becomes gradually more and more universities. Sam Scio company offers a wide range of preparatory courses. You have yet to choose whether you want to personally attend a seminar or to be more pleasant for you to order online tutorial, which you can cycle through each night from the comfort of home. Full-time courses are considerably more expensive, cost-based from 1500 CZK to 3400 CZK, internet courses you come around CZK 600 (with a personal trainer for 200 CZK more expensive). It is definitely a good idea to buy some sample tests, you know, what you waiting for entrance exams.

** Preparing the NSZ with other companies **

Scio company itself is obviously not the only option. Very well-known company that provides, inter alia, the preparation for the NSZ, such as the „Socrates“: This holds especially long courses running per week, usually together for 96 hours at a relatively high price of CZK 6990. Competitor is a giant company like „Tutor“:…, in which prices range from 1700 – 2200 CZK for 18 to 24 sessions of one to two months. The NSZ you may very well prepared also smaller and less known companies. With a friendly and personal approach and the possibility to contact teachers at any time via Skype, Facebook and ICQ will meet at the company, „“:, which offers preparation for tests of general Study of Scia, but also on tests of learning assumptions used by Masaryk University and some types of entrance examinations in mathematics. Probably it will be three weekend meetings for six hours at a price around 2750 CZK, which included, inter alia, the sample tests and supplementary online course. On the Rate-of are continuing and expanding courses and courses for nematurující and employed.

** Test ** Study

Some universities, for example, Masaryk University, themselves create so-called TSP tests or study skills. The best preparation is to solve most of last year's test flight, tests for MU can be found on its website. With preparation you can once again help companies such as Socrates or tutor, and students from smaller companies often chválených „Aleph“: or Rate. Smaller companies have the advantage of flexibility and personal approach, where teachers often you actually meets. You can also try the courses offered by universities directly, unfortunately sometimes happens that such courses will give you only enter the test last year, that you have to deal individually with the instructor to consult only when you something is not clear.

** ** Tutoring

Last, but sometimes not the worst option is to let the individual tutor older students. In larger towns and the internet certainly offers tutoring to encounter. In this case, although you are not guaranteed professionalism, but you will have a „teacher“ only for themselves.

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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