The Special Field: Microelectronics Added:22.10. 2010
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The Special Field: Microelectronics

Technically oriented candidates will appreciate the attractive field with a wide array of applications and technical expertise – all this is definitely the microelectronics!

Contents === === study Students should acquire knowledge of analog and digital signals, materials, manufacturing processes and computer technology, especially with a focus on microelectronics, the design of electronic devices and applications of electronic circuits and systems. Students can later focus on computer simulation of integrated circuits, design and technology electronic systems and applications for microelectronic circuits, instrumentation, micro sensors, micro-and nanotechnology, technology, analog and digital integrated circuits, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, surface mount technology, test and measurement technology, economics, organization of production or business a minimum. Very important are also the knowledge of information and communication technologies.

Subjects === === Students can choose according to their interests from a wide variety of subjects including, for example Design of microelectronic systems, applications of microelectronic systems, microelectronic systems technology, electrical materials and manufacturing processes and diagnostics, reliability and quality. An important part of teaching is a practice whereby a student in the selected firm will spend four weeks.

Where can you study

The microelectronics can go only to the Technical University in Brno, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Studies. The three-year Bachelor degree and microelectronics technology, students can study full-time and under the Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Control Technologies. You can establish a two-year Masters Microelectronics, then you can continue to doctoral studies.

Study of the matrix can be done …

Graduates === === Graduate has a background in design and computer simulation of analog and digital integrated circuits, electronic systems design and applications of microelectronic circuits for instrumentation engineering, technology, analog and digital integrated circuits, electronic systems technology, as well as the electrical materials and manufacturing processes, design and production PCB, surface mount technology in test and measurement technology, economics and organization of production and business bases. Graduates will find employment so as experts in particular fields of design, construction and manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment with built-in intelligence, integrated circuits and semiconductor components, systems for printed circuit boards and surface mount. Apply also in the design and development of electronic systems and custom integrated circuits for commercial and service activities, or. lower in the control and management positions in companies and electronic companies.

Admissions === === Admission tests are tests of mathematics and the physical, the model tests, see „this link“:… You can also subscribe to the preparatory courses.

More information

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