Linguistic and literary contest for students of secondary and primary schools Added:15.10. 2010
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Linguistic and literary contest for students of secondary and primary schools

European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic and META os – Association for the opportunities of young migrants declared on the occasion of the 26th European Day of Languages September 2010 language and literary contest for elementary and secondary schools titled ** Czech is also my language **.

The competition is held under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Mgr. Josef Dobes ** From 26 September to 26 November 2010 **. It focuses on mutual recognition of students whose native language is Czech, and pupils with a different mother tongue. The competition aims to make young people think about what non-native speakers must overcome what is new and need to handle what they could to help in the study of Czech, but also the role of Czech as a language with which different people interact and communicate with whom .

The competition is divided into two categories, namely for groups (comprising at least two pupils, among whom must be at least a Czech native speaker and at least one student or student with a different mother tongue), and for individuals.

1 / Competition for language groups:

  • Topic: ** Glossary for our school or we need to know when we are new at school **
  • The goal is to create the foreign student who comes to school as new, something that would help him in the orientation of the building, in classrooms, school regulations, articles, etc. It should be a tool that will fit your school, something that you could continue to benefit for those who come as new
  • The group will create a glossary of basic terms, phrases and phrases relevant to students who are new at school
  • Glossary can have an arbitrary form, but must be an original creation. For example, a text, picture dictionary, poster, comic, text accompanied by photographs, videotape, sound recording, etc.. The length is limited
  • Price: 1 netbook, 2 digital camera, 3 common knowledge and language play

2 / literary competition for individuals:

  • Topic: ** We speak together on the topic of Czech in the lives of people with different mother tongue **
  • The objective is to create an original literary work, which will deal with any form of how we can communicate together using czech, when someone is non-native speakers, it is important that any work prepared by himself, nobody else in the text should not substantially interfere with, alter him, stylistically or spelling changes (in the evaluation will not take into account the spelling or grammatical correctness of the text)
  • Attend all pupils can be primary or secondary school with any native language
  • Contest entry must be the original text in Czech language in Czech on the lives of people with different native language
  • Competitive text can be any literary unit (eg, essay, short story, poem or a play), but must not exceed three standard pages
  • Price: 1 Notebook, 2 digital camera, 3 iPod Shuffle

Individual work will evaluate the competition jury, consisting of a writer Petra Hula, musician and poet Feng-Yun Song and translator and publisher Erik Lukavský. Results will be announced at a meeting to be held on the 16th December 2010 on behalf of the European Commission in Prague. Announcement will be combined with a tour agency.

Detailed rules and the competition can be found „here“:…-i-muj-jazyk.

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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