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A lecture on mathematical logic Added:13.10. 2010
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A lecture on mathematical logic

Press news

On Thursday 14 October in the lecture hall A3 university held from 17 hours of lecture Professor Peregrine mathematical logic – „From Russell to Gödel.“

Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Peregrin, CSc., Which deals with analytic philosophy, logic and semantics, is the author of numerous books and professional articles. He works at the Institute of Philosophy.

The theme for the lecture organizers Ing. Dusan Cermak, Ph.D. Faculty of Transport said:

  • „The lecture will be interpreted by a popular way point of Gödel's Incom­pleteness proof of arithmetic, and the background of another, older paradoxical result of mathematical logic – so-called Russell's paradox. It will be shown that if we try the language of logic reglementovat so that we can not admit Russell's paradox, we can succeed only partially. Residue of this problem is just what you brought to light on Gödel. It appears certain limit at which faces any attempt to complete axiomatization of mathematics, or anything else that contains mathematics. The virus is diagnosed Russell, so have managed to rid his deadly virulentnosti, but only at a price that's less virulent successor is already immune to any of our antiviral and thus detachable from the logic. “*

The lecture was organized Pardubice branch of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, Department of Mathematics Faculty of Economics and Administration and Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and security systems in the transport of Jan Perner Transport Faculty.

The lecture is open to all interested not only in universities but also from the general and professional public.

  • Further information and contact:

Ing. Dusan Cermak, Ph.D. Department of Electrical, electronics and security technology in transport DFJP Phone 466 036 387 *

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