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Forum Mendel Mendel in Brno, PEF has big ambitions Added:14.10. 2010
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Forum Mendel Mendel in Brno, PEF has big ambitions

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Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno (PEF) is a new series of panel discussions with experts named Mendel forum. The forum is to make professionals, entrepreneurs, academics and students new insights and current trends related to the business primarily in the South Region. The first forum "How to do business in South Moravia is held the 4th 11th 2010th

Mendel was a versatile personality in many fields. Throughout the world, is known as a geneticist, a less known that he devoted himself to research in areas such as meteorology and bee-keeping and that he was abbot of the monastery and the Old shortly director of the Moravian Mortgage Bank in Brno. Mendel's long-term results of their research, and defined by the laws of genetics was ahead of its time. Mendel would like to establish a forum for scientific meetings link science club, which Mendel attended regularly and where he stepped into scientific discussions.

  • „The goal is to make the forum Mendel professionals, entrepreneurs, academics and students with new insights and current trends related to the business primarily in the Southern Region“ * Professor said. Ing. John Betting, PhD., Dean of the faculty. Forum participants have the opportunity to meet personally with representatives of institutions and companies who are dedicated to the issues and are able to answer their questions. * „The aim is to create an integrated and comprehensive approach to the subject from different angles“ * adds to strike.

[* * Pef.jpg]

The first forum will offer the opportunity for personal encounters with professionals who deal with business problems every day. Principles of corporate communications presents Radek Vitek (managing director of Ogilvy PR), the regional specifics of the approach Strechova Paul (director of the Brno Agency White Bear), the current situation and recommendations from field personnel will Lubos Rejchrt (President of the Association of Personnel Services), your contribution will be presented the director of JIC George Athletes. The forum will be moderated by Vaclav Sochor (BBC presenter, Czech Radio, journalist).

Mendel forum are assumed to be an annual event for its period, but if the response after the first meeting will indicate the potential for more frequent meetings. The aim is to bring not only celebrities but also reflect the current needs of business development in South County. For more information and instructions for registration may be found at The PR department FBE Ing. Jiri Urbanek

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