Investigation of plagiarism on the ESF was over, former Dean acknowledged the error Added:18.10. 2010
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Investigation of plagiarism on the ESF was over, former Dean acknowledged the error

Martin Svoboda, a former dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University (MU ESF), acknowledged that in reporting its publications acted contrary to the standards and ethical principles of academic activities. Freedom will continue his role as Chairman of the Subject Board and doctoral tutor of new doctoral students.

Rector Fiala appreciated that Svoboda acknowledged his mistakes, regrets his action and is prepared to take responsibility for their actions, as demonstrated by the fact that immediately after his indictment, resigned dean.

Freedom resigned in March this year. The resignation of the rector told him after it became clear that the Freedom of Information E-MU said co-author of German book Intelligent investieren Zertifikaten have two German author Christian W. Röhl and Werner H. Heussingera. Svoboda next two books How to invest or exchange anatomy lies and how to dominate financial markets were nearly identical in content with a previously published book authors of the two German Die Emanzipation der Geldanlage. All three authors then explain the discrepancy as being involved in the preparation of books together and agree to publication of the Czech and German, with an indication of the various authors.

The Dean of MU ESF succeeded Freedom 1 June this year, Head of the Department of Public Economics Little, who headed the faculty as early as 2005 to 2007, and now lead the faculty to 31 May 2014.

Source: Press release ESF MU

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