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"European universities provide the highest quality education," says doctoral student from India Added:29.10. 2010
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"European universities provide the highest quality education," says doctoral student from India

Vijay (33), fulfilled a dream and recently began studying a doctorate in chemistry in Europe. Coincidentally, his choice fell on the Czech Republic, where he chose to pursue their studies at Masaryk University. Before the start of the semester is shared with us his first impressions of the new action of.

Have a beautiful day, could you please give us something to say about yourself?

I like. My name is Vijaya Vummadi Madhava Reddy. Since 2002 I have a master's degree in organic chemistry from the Ottoman University in Hyderabad, India. After a few conversations I have been chosen to practice in the industry, so I've had seven and a half years experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. In 2006 I married and my two year old boy.

And now studying in Glasgow?

Now I am doing a PhD in organic chemistry under the guidance of professor Paul Pazdera the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno. The Czech Republic I came 7th August 2010.

Why did you decide to just for the Czech Republic?

Good, I wanted to go to study a PhD in European countries. I am convinced that Europe's univer­sities provide the highest quality doctoral education. I chose the Czech Republic, simply because it is in Europe. I contacted Professor selected e-mail and I sent him my resume and application for advanced work. The professor praised my education, work experience and design work, and he received me as a student.

Khilwat, the landmark of Hyderabad in India

You will remember on my first impression of our country?

Good country with low population :-).

With what are you happy here?

I love my university and I appreciate the local school system. Also, I am satisfied with the quality of public transport, the Czech people in general is beautiful and the countryside around Brno.

What you rather disappointed?

The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that most people in control of communication in English. This is just a huge problem incoming foreigners. Although the Czechs are nice, sometimes I feel very introverted and do not care much to talk with foreigners. But maybe I'm wrong, I'm still pretty short, maybe it just needed more time to understand more of the local Nature.

What about Czech students and teachers?

It is probably too much too soon. Moreover, I came on holiday and I have not had much chance to meet more students. Give me some time :-)

How would you describe the main differences between the education system in the Czech Republic and India?

If one does a PhD in India, may not be any classes, as is the case in the Czech Republic. In some ways it is good, but sometimes it's a bit of a waste of time. We also are not any for doctoral credit system. But the main difference is that the Indian University doing Ph.D. three to four years, while in Europe it takes four to seven years.

And the last question in conclusion: What I miss most here?

Oh … I miss my family, wife and son. Studying for me would be much easier if I could take my family with me.

Thanks for the interview and good luck!

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