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Nihongo nórjoku šiken - An international test of Japanese language Added:25.10. 2010
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Nihongo nórjoku šiken - An international test of Japanese language

Are you attracted to Japanese? And it is with us from this year to pass the internationally recognized language proficiency exam. More and more people have the CV FCE or IELTS test or JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test, however, few can boast.

** Test for beginners to advanced **

Like most language testing has "Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): several levels. The simplest level is paradoxically N5, to which we will slow enough to understand the basic topics of conversation from everyday life, be able to read the most common words and phrases in simple scripts hiragana and katakana, and only a few basic kanji characters in the complex. The demands were gradually increased to the level of N1. To cope with this level it needs to quickly understand a native speaker speaking in a wide range of subjects and situations. Japan Centre in Glasgow indicates that the student has mastered the fastest easiest level to pass the test after sixty hours of teaching, while the second hardest level students need the fastest three hundred hours of education. Probably, however, to deal with the most basic level you need at least two courses of at least two hours per week.

** Just ** Passive Skills

On each of five levels, the test consists of listening and reading comprehension. It is therefore more passive language skills. JLPT does not test whether the Japanese is also able to write and test součátní is no verbal expression. This is really a test, which contains only closed questions such as multiple choice, where you have several options to choose the right option – trémisti therefore have nothing to fear.

** Where and when can pass the test **

While in Japan and other Asian countries are in the exam twice a year in the Czech Republic can to try to come up only once a year, in December. Sign up for her but you need much earlier – usually in August or September. Price example, in comparison with FCE or French DELF / DALF is not high, ranging from 500 to 700 CZK depending on the level. Since 2010, this test will take place in Brno. The students of some universities (specifically for the Charles University, Masaryk University Palacky University and the University of Ostrava) may obtain an application form for the exam from their teachers. Otherwise, you can log in via the „Japan Centre in Brno,“: Prague students may contact the Czech-Japanese Society. ": Http://www.ja­

** How and where to prepare **

You do not necessarily japanistiky student to have a chance to prepare for the JLPT exam. Japan Centre in Brno and the Czech-Japanese Society in Prague offers several preparatory courses, which you can choose according to your schedule. Both centers will be taught by native speakers. In addition to courses where the Japanese can go such extra hours on folding origami and calligraphy, a club of friends of Japanese Akita Inu dog breed, the Japanese competition in recitation or workshop on Ikebana. Brno Centre has around three hundred different textbooks and also provides a lot of material in digital form, many can be downloaded directly from its pages. Since each student can learn Japanese, however, that listening to the textbooks do not prepare – the need to train constantly, even if only watching Japanese movies and TV series.

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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