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Europass is an assistant on the way to study and work Added:5.11. 2010
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Europass is an assistant on the way to study and work

Every year thousands of students depart for foreign lands, to gather experiences, adventures and new contacts. Many are living abroad will enjoy and start thinking about it back there after school – whether it back for study, work, or move straight there. To those who think about such possibilities, this would be useful information about the activities of the National Europass Centre.

Europass is an umbrella name for a portfolio of documents and activities that aim only: to facilitate and streamline communication between institutions involved in the international mobility of students and staff. The key, though by no means the only project of the Europass initiative is a sort of „internationally accepted“ and understand the documents, which represent a single, coherent set of all relevant information about the holder, in the field of education, personal skills, language skills, professional qualifications and work experience . Their common structure is primarily intended to allow their proper understanding not only in the mother country, but mainly abroad.

** The Europass consists of five documents: **

** The Europass – CV ** is a Europass documents. To be completed by him under a single schema holder himself, who is also responsible for its accuracy. ** The Europass – ** Language Passport provides a comprehensive overview of the level of knowledge and experience acquired in one or more foreign languages ​​holder. He fills it based on self-assessment with regard to European standards, and is responsible for the accuracy of all information listed in the document. ** The Europass – Mobility ** is a summary of all European study completed internships in 2005 and beyond (eg study visits in the exchange program, work experience abroad, volunteer work in NGOs). Document completed by the sending organization (eg, schools, employers, NGOs, agencies) and the host organization (eg, schools, businesses, non-governmental organizations). Detailed information on how to proceed in completing this document, „here“: ** The Europass – Certificate Supplement ** is a supporting document that is attached to a vocational certificate (certificate of final exam, journeyman's cer­tificate, a certificate of graduation exam). It confirms the qualifications of the holder (it is the same for all persons with the same medical school and is not the holder's name on it) and easier to understand the importance of certification and recognition abroad. In the Czech Republic, it gives the National Institute of Vocational Education through the National Europass Centre CR holder of the certificate. Published in Czech and one foreign language of choice of the applicant (in English, German, French). The detailed procedure for completing the Europass – Mobility find „here“:…k-osvedceni/. ** The Europass – Diploma Supplement ** is attached to a university degree or diploma from the college. Document easier to understand the content of education and its recognition abroad. Since 1998, it issued its college graduates in Czech and English on request, since 2005 it automatically with a diploma. According to Act No. 552/2005 Coll. are additions to a diploma issued from 2006 graduates of the report instead of the final exam, and it automatically with a degree in English and Czech. The Diploma Supplement can give its graduates and higher vocational schools, namely the Czech and English, preferably also in arrears.

How do I arrange === Europass documents

Equipment Europass is not difficult. Their exposure is free and you can decide whether to use the entire portfolio or just part of it. Can be filled out online on the European Europass portal or downloading from the Czech version, and in any language of the country, which is included in the activities of Europass.

Who can participate in the Europass

The Europass activities can involve all citizens of the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), European Economic Area (EEA) and the acceding and candidate countries on a voluntary basis. Get the can on a third-country nationals who are resident in the EU.

What are all Europass documents good?

The ownership of any of the documents is not mandatory, but may be useful. Increasingly gaining importance for example when trying to apply their hard-won education, training and other skills in the country is set to a completely different education system and labor market system. It Europass documents – in particular the Diploma Supplement, respectively. amendment to the certificate, but also other help to the so-called transparency of qualifications and improve their readability. Europass in this way seeks to promote the mobility of the population not only between countries or regions, but also between particular firms or sectors, or the transition from education into practice. Although the transparency of qualifications a prerequisite for recognition, it is necessary to meet the other criteria specified in the laws of individual countries on recognition of professional qualifications. Education systems in the EU is still in the competence of governments. It incomprehension or misunderstanding arising from the nuances of skills training systems, which were often an obstacle in the lives of students and staff, have meant that it was the draft European Commission established a uniform framework for the transparency of qualifications and competencies – ie the Europass. Decision on the establishment and implementation in practice, the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004.

Europass here === === In the Czech Republic sponsored activities Europass Europass National Centre for CR, which was established in March 2005 by the National Vocational Training Institute operating at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. NCE Republic to participate in other European network of National Europass Centres, which have been made or are still nascent in all EU countries and the European Economic Area and the activities coordinated by the European Commission and Cedefop.

Where to find more information

Detailed information on individual documents, as well as on study and work abroad and other issues related to mobility of the population visit Domovký Europass portal in all languages ​​can be found at

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