The Special Branch: Geoinformatics Added:1.11. 2010
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The Special Branch: Geoinformatics

Do you enjoy science and looking for her practical and concrete applications? Would you like to combine it with geography? Or would you like to become experts in a relatively young and rapidly developing field? Then would you Geoinformatics could be the right choice.

** What is Geoinformatics **

The very name of „Geoinformatics“ suggests that it is a science combining geography and science. Geoinformatics focuses mainly on creating digital maps on the computer and analyzing spatial data. Falls into the realm of Geoinformatics as creating GPS navigation systems, remote sensing, geographic information systems, but also models for forecasting and decision support (Geoinformatics as able to calculate where it will be advisable to build a new store due to the distribution of population density and the position of already existing shopping centers), three-dimensional visualization and virtual reality.

** Where can I study geoinformatics **

This field of study you can study the following state universities: „Technical University in Prague Faculty of Civil Engineering“: „, Palacky University, Faculty of Science“: http://www.geoinformatics.upol . com / under the name „Geoinformatics and Cartography“, in Ostrava, „VSB – Technical University of Ostrava“: the Mining and Geology faculty and last but not least you can consider „Masaryk University“: http : / / offering Geoinformatics at the Faculty in three combinations: Geoinformatics and regional development and sustainability Geoinformatics Geoinformatics and Cartography and geographic.

** Entrance Exams **

If you report on Geoinformatics at MU, you need a good result in the „Learning Potential Test“: The Technical University of Prague awaits test in mathematics and an oral interview at Palacky University will consist of industry-test in mathematics and geography, with tests from previous years can be downloaded from "Web site of the Department of Geoinformatics': http://www.geoinformatics.upol. com / prijimacky.php. Mining College entrance exams are often waived, for selection shall primarily to study results from high school.

** Items **

Courses, of course, will vary depending on which university you choose. However, you may encounter with the basics of cartography, computer science, programming, statistics, with mathematics, with articles dealing with geoinformation systems or land use planning. You can also add such as remote sensing, digital terrain model and an introduction to landscape studies. Expect also to the practice exercises and different terrain.

** ** The view of the student

About your opinion is divided Michael Zimmerman, a student of geography and cartography geoinformation at Masaryk University:

„Geoinformatics is doing enough to simply put maps on the PC. At Masaryk University, but we have the first two semesters of the same subjects as ordinary geographers. For those interested in studying the suitability of computer skills and English language learning is time consuming, but otherwise you can manage just fine. The MU will be taught in three disciplines and spatial information not only on my math is present. In geography, I like it very practical – are subject to each exercise. The geoinformation can do in the public sector and private sector. And as with all IT disciplines, and there should be a very decent money. “

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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