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"Spaniards do not live to work, but work to live." Added:12.11. 2010
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"Spaniards do not live to work, but work to live."

Martin Konicek (24) from Charles University exchanged for one semester Faculty of Mathematics and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. What was 1500 kilometers from the home of Prague?

"Students at our faculty on international assignments do not report too, every semester left several unused seats. And when someone logs and then simply take the two with the best average marks, "says Martin, how easy it is for a student with good study results to get to the half outside the country. He spent last semester in Valencia, Spain. What brought the experience and expertise?

** Most students try to leave it to the bachelors. Why have you waited until the Erasmus studies at the Masters? **

In the first years of study I had a lot of work to school, studied at Matfyzu is challenging. Only when I have fulfilled all the credits for master degree, I had the perfect opportunity to go elsewhere. I decided between Zurich and Valencia, it eventually won.

** Why Spain won? **

In Zurich we have a contract with the prestigious school, which would mean a lot of new knowledge. But I wanted to learn a lot from that, what Matfyzu we got some rest and stay in a particular environment you enjoy. Valencia is a seaside resort, where time passes more freely. I guess it was one of the last opportunities to live a little more freely before they get on somewhere full time.

** He was preparing you for something your internship abroad? **

I learned Spanish. This has served me great Pimsleur program. It is a system based on repetition of phrases and answering questions. The program you need to ask „Como te Llamas?“ And then followed by a pause, so you could change your mind in mind the correct answer and then the program responds, so it can immediately check. Of the ninety-prepared lessons I passed the seventy and the start was enough. I listened to it on trams, while traveling and at home. I highly recommend it.

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Valencia is full of modern buildings from the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava – photo Martin University.

** It was necessary to speak Spanish or you would have remained valid in Spain with English? **

Among the foreign students probably remained valid, but the Spaniards' level of English is generally very low. They have problems with pronunciation, the English even pronounce the names of their products. So there is no need to Dove „crowd“ as in most of Europe, but „time.“

** That the Spaniards are such patriots? **

Hard to say. They are in Spanish with English in general or not encounter too much – usually listen to the Spanish musicians, more than my Czech, and all films and computer games are dubbed and get them in the original language is a problem. But I never did no research, then why …

** They have the foreign students a chance to assimilate the Spaniards, if you can not ** good Spanish?

Of course, the Spaniards are overwhelmingly friendly and try. But it is true that the typical student of Erasmus there with the local authority boring. In most cases, people spent most of the country-specific time together, lived together, went together for lunch and a beer. I met there must be a bunch of twenty Italians. I thought that when I was there, do not miss the opportunity. For a few months I have with the Czechs lost all contact. I moved behind the two Spanish and it was a great decision. Estrella, my roommate, I made a guide – she taught me Spanish, I cook the typical dishes every way to help me, take me among your friends. Mainly due to her Spanish I was able to identify the nature and culture as well … Erasmáci the majority of Druze mainly among themselves.

** So what is the nature of the Spanish? **

Typical Spaniards are unfettered and can have fun. Estrella can be quite common on the streets began to loudly sing merrily. And they're friendly. It happened to me to be that I hire a bunch of guys and relaxed quickly adopted among themselves, it is completely normal. Just talking, they asked, had not played any interest in it was no breakout. Or am I asked clerk in a shoe, where I get bread, and she took my arm, ran from the store led me to the place and still makes me smile, pat on the back … And we celebrate. When someone has a birthday in the Czech Republic and a few friends go down for a beer and greet, sit, it does not specifically addressed. In Spain it is upside down the whole pub. I have seen, when the whole pub was singing out loud „Cumpleaňos Feliz“ and the birthday girl literally wore on hand, while there are not many of you really know … Spaniards are simply tremendous social, their friends and meeting people is more important than work.

** It is said that Spaniards are not ideal, students and staff …**

Well, while it is true that in terms of study and work commitments, have some gaps. They take it all is far more at ease, does not so much a career. But one well-known it right: the Spanish do not live to work, but work to live.

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Martin Konicek at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona – Photo Martin University.

** Perhaps this is why they are known for their siesta and fiesta. You experienced any decent? **

So there is a siesta every afternoon. In shops and offices are open from nine to one, then a few hours break and then again from five to nine and from work … Well, I experienced a fiesta and the famous Valencia Fallas festival. Each community neighbors have the opportunity to build their own wooden statue of giant proportions, blocking the entire street. A week to celebrate it, drinking every night is more than fireworks in Prague on New Year's stage full of dancers, parades, the morning drumming and playing the trumpet, deserts and firecrackers firecrackers … High Noon is masqueleta when shooting firecrackers into the air and make great shots. One woman even thought that there is a terrorist attack, when it first heard … and after a week with lights built wooden sculptures. Nationwide Television carries live coverage, excitement moderators reported that first flared up in Valencia statue …

** How does it manage to celebrate a week in a row? **

Simple – not to school students, and include, as a full-time. And now I'm not sure if people have the day off work … Well, when I go to those festivals, so about half an hour from Valencia is a village where organized Tomatina, a tomato fight in the streets, to which tourists flock from around the world. Once a year the streets of dump trucks full of tomatoes and the people in a row hážou and roll in them. It sounds good, but the reality is that the streets are crowded with people and one can not escape anywhere from tomatoes, a few thousand people at war with tomatoes and have them everywhere. We did not go there eventually.

** What about bullfighting? **

I wanted to go there as well, but it was very expensive and very brutal, so I did not go.

** If you had a few months in Spain somehow sum up, what your life in Valencia and he took? **

Life here can be seen with foreign experience otherwise, I compare with what I know that everything can be done differently. I really need to realize what her food Czechs – heavy, unhealthy food Spanish … I still quite lacking, good olives, shrimp, crawfish … I also realized that people can live and behave differently than here. And because I have about decided that after graduation I will not stay in this country. In Spain, I do not want to return, in terms of my field would be unpromising, but I know that I could very well work even outside their own country and I will use it.

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