The first week in November will be a week of science and technology Added:23.10. 2010
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The first week in November will be a week of science and technology

Already tenth place in the Czech Republic „Week of Science and Technology“:… (abbreviated TVT), this year in terms 1 – 7 November. Will take place primarily in „Prague“:…m-praha.html, „Brno“:…am-brno.html " Manchester ':…olomouc.html, „Ostrava“:…ostrava.html and „Czech Budejovice“: http: / / / program / program-CB.html, currently is the largest ever festival of Czech science. The organizer of the event is the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The purpose of Science and Technology Week is to acquaint high school students and the public in general with the „how to do science.“

During the Week of Science and Technology will be able to see the various libraries and labs, hear lectures on topics chosen by you, or maybe go to the exhibition. The event attracted a total of 54 institutes of the Academy of Sciences and the lectures are usually recited also online. If you can not even find the time for monitoring, you can let it go and later from the archive. The program menu is broad, to „the festival“:… yourself you can find what interests you – just enter into the desired city, select a theme of the program (The course will be interested in a variety of scientific disciplines, from chemistry and environmental sociology or ends) and decide whether you're more interested in lectures, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific or cafe open day at one of the Academy of Sciences.

It is not possible to enumerate all the interesting events that will take place during the festival. However, you can look forward to be visiting ceramic workshops, tours of historic areas, guided by experts in the field of archeology, chemistry experiments, experiments on giant accelerator at CERN, talks about nanotechnology and microscopy. Some libraries will offer various discounts for using the Internet or even to forgive the fine for late return of books. Many of the planned actions are required to register in advance, it is sometimes also used to log the last possible day – in Prague institutions usually will be the second November. The program of open days at individual institutions can be viewed in a „booklet Science and Technology Week.“: Http://www.ty­­randa2/export/si­tesavcr/data.av­­den-vedy-a -techniky/program/fi­le/Brozura_TVT_DOD_f­inal.pdf

  • Source: Official Website Science and Technology Week *

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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