Charles University in Prague is the sixth best in Eastern Europe Added:25.10. 2010
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Charles University in Prague is the sixth best in Eastern Europe

Charles University in Prague (CU) is the sixth best of all institutions rated universities and other academic institutions in Eastern Europe. Just such a conclusion from a recently published assessment of world rankings ** ** Scimago Institutions Ranking (SIR), which aims to compare the scientific output, international scientific cooperation, outputs in impacted journals and publishing activities of universities and scientific institutions.

The SIR scale included a total of 2,833 universities and scientific institutions from 87 countries worldwide. In Eastern Europe, the UK remains a further 171 institutions. As a university in the region ranked second, since the remaining four institutions in the forefront of the Academy of Sciences (including the Czech Academy of Sciences (CR)). The global evaluation is then ranked in the UK třístovce, and it was the only Czech universities. Given the volume of scientific publication output in the overall standings ended on the 231st rung.

  • „Evaluation Scimago Institutions Ranking is unique in that it does not focus only on university-type organization, but also includes other relevant scientific and research institutes,“ * says Vaclav Hampl, Rector of Charles University, and adds, * „the more I am pleased that even in a competition to University very solid position, even though her financial background and conditions and financing terms from a purely research institutions vary considerably. “*

SIR rating uses a database of scientific outputs SCOPUS, and thus takes into account the Humanities slightly better than, say, a little known „Shanghai ranking universities“:…sni-zebricek -world-universities. SIR rating also supported the findings recently published the first interim report of the project "International auditing research, development and innovation in the CR and the implementation of its results into strategic documents, prepared by the Ministry for the company Technopolis. According to scientific research in the Republic is dominated by the University and the Institute.

Source: Press release UK

Author: Černá, Lucie

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