Brno students are more motivated to donate blood Added:24.10. 2010
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Brno students are more motivated to donate blood

Competition from the previous academic year and the Masaryk University Mendel a greater number of blood donors has continued. Transfusion Department and Blood Bank University Hospital Brno hold second annual Cup Competition ** Academic blood **. This time, it includes all the universities in Brno. The motivation may be a fee CZK 3,000 for the purchase of books acquired by a donor Randomly selected from each school.

You can donate blood throughout the academic year up to 30 ** 6th 2011 **. Challenge Cup awarded to schools, from which comes the highest number of donors.

The contest rules, click „here“:… and instructions on how to order „here“: asp? nDepartmentID nArticleID & = 159 = 528 = 1 & nLanguageID

** Source: ** „Teaching Hospital of Brno“:…, „MU site“:…dar/18321756

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