The Special Branch: Occupational Therapy Added:15.11. 2010
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The Special Branch: Occupational Therapy

Word of occupational therapy comes from Greek and literally means „treatment works“. Ordinary mortals can find it in doctors' offices, or just in the studio. This relatively young field of study offered here just a few faculties.

== What is occupational therapy

Field of occupational therapy is a relatively young medical specialty. Our universities are now on offer have „only“ bachelor courses, but for example at 1 LF UK have a future plan to open a branch navazujcí master. Its content and purpose is essentially identical: on the one hand, it is through various activities ergotherapeutical trying to help patients recover partially or completely lost motor, perceptual or cognitive function, and second, regaining the ability to work across goal of therapy. Pacinetovi namely to allow the rebirth of everyday life (for example, again self-sufficiency to perform normal social activities), or to work (whether it is to his original profession, or some other – is always úpěšnosti depends on the patient's treatment and level of disability). Occupational therapy is always done at a given ergoterapického plan based on the so-called ergodiagnózy (which defines in detail the extent of damage to individual functions and the rate of change a patient's ability to work).

Contents == field

The content industry is mainly to teach students how to work with people with various types of disability (motor, mental, sensory, mental or other character) and in particular how it is subsequently treated in the event that for some reason have lost one or more of motor, cognitive or emotional functions. Students will learn to draw, for example Occupational Therapy plans adequate for the particular case, suggesting the therapeutic methods, procedures and related medical devices (such as an appropriate wheelchair, crutches, equipment, etc.) to participate in the preparation and during subsequent rehabilitation (occupational therapists are an important part of the rehabilitation team ), practical training to perform specific functions affected (by painting, sewing, art work, training, etc.), recommend follow-up work or study eligible patients, etc. as well as occupational therapists teach their patients again perform daily activities, from brushing teeth and dressing up through reading for interactivity with other people. The emphasis is however placed on the mental aspect of treatment. Students are trained in dealing with such severely disabled persons and advisory activities, but perhaps even how to properly instruct patients, relatives or caregivers.

== Graduates

Graduates may apply to the labor market in the Czech Republic and abroad, since we acquired the skills ergotherapeutical follow the requirements of international organizations to study occupational therapy. May apply only in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, social care, long-term care, nursing homes, but also in domestic services and early intervention as personal assistants, as well as in day care centers, etc. Wide upatnění may also be found in the therapeutic and sheltered workshops, community programs for people on a variety of diseases or injuries, special schools for children with special needs, programs and Pre-vocational rehabilitation, educational institutions prepare students for occupational therapy, etc. But they can also work in offices work in community organizations focused on the rehabilitation of disabled people and also the various (and management) pozicicíh in private companies dealing with production and distribution equipment for various types of disability, etc.

Learning skills == == graduate By completing a degree in occupational therapy student receives professional competence in accordance with the Decree. 424/2004 Coll.


** Faculty ** ** Programme ** Specialization in Health ** Field ** Occupational Therapy (Bachelor, 3 years, P) ** Web: ** „“:…

Subjects === === Among the subjects offered in the field of Occupational Therapy can be found such as medical and rehabilitation kinesiotherapy, therapeutic activities and techniques, introduction to clinical occupational therapy, psychosocial evaluation and later also in occupational therapy, applied ineziologii, in rehabilitation psychology, rehabilitation and social legislation, and many others. The core curriculum options are then found, inter alia, Ethics in Health, Art Therapy, PC for people with disability, the options should mention for all the therapy, pain management, yoga in daily life, alternative therapies, etc.

Admission tests === ===

  • National comparative trials (OSP biology)
  • Talent Examination of Art Education


** 1 Medicine ** ** Programme ** Specialization in Health ** Field ** Occupational Therapy – Bachelor (Bc, 3 years, P) ** Web: ** „“:…

Subjects === === Among the subjects taught in the field of Occupational Therapy at 1 Faculty of Medicine include those directed to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in various medical disciplines (anatomy, first aid, psychosocial development, physiology, and later added them to the pathology, neurology, etc.) and to manage areas of practical (an introduction to occupational therapy, therapeutic techniques , the theory of occupational therapy, diagnosis, and later added items such as occupational therapy – biomechanical approaches, occupational therapy and cognitive rehabilitation, Ergodiagnostics and vocational rehabilitation, psychology and neuropsychology, special education, occupational therapy in pediatrics, occupational therapy in geriatrics, the legislation – a system of health and social care occupational therapy – a summary of practical knowledge, etc.). At the end of each year, students must meet the holiday experience (3 weeks), at the end of the continuous learning experience (twice with 5 weeks).

Admission tests === ===

  • Written test in biology, chemistry and physics

At Jan Evangelista In Usti nad Labem

** Department of Health Studies ** ** Programme ** Specialization in Health ** Field ** Occupational Therapy (Bachelor, 3 years, P) ** Web: ** „“:…jni-programy

Admission tests === ===

  • Written test in human biology and Somatology

West Bohemia in Pilsen

** Faculty of Health Studies ** ** Programme ** Specialization in Health ** Field ** Occupational Therapy (Bachelor, 3 years, P) ** Web: ** „ / FZS“:…r/index.html?…

Admission tests === ===

  • Written test in human biology

Useful links:

„Www.ergotera­“:… – website of the Czech Association of Occupational Therapists

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