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"I do not feel that I was abroad," says lecturer at the Slovak universities Added:19.11. 2010
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"I do not feel that I was abroad," says lecturer at the Slovak universities

Japan and Japanese are the biggest love Zuzka Kubovčákové (30), who teaches at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University. How to teach Slovence in the Czech Republic? And what they think of Czech-Slovak relations?

Nice day, our special focus on the Czech-Slovak relations. How you you feel alone in this area?

According to me is between us, between the two countries very active cooperation. That collaboration is a close relative of course and at other nearby states, but between the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia, there are very narrow, specific relationship that probably does not need to emphasize. Finally, my own operation at the Brno University is evidence of such cooperation. Brno, Czech Republic are the only point, the only country in the world, where I work, operate, and yet it is not necessary that such as I talked in Czech. Very much it means for me, because I'm so permits remain as it were yourself. In other words, thanks to the fact I felt that I was abroad. Very much for me also means that my slovenščina and is well accepted that people with it (for the most part) have no problems (the team younger ročníkom translate November as November, while we get used). Perhaps it is the Brno specifics arising from geographical proximity, but nonetheless it's a fact.

Do you think there are still some in this field and voltage problems?

I do not think so. Certainly not personal, respectively. for nothing more than in other regions where people are working full range of character traits, who have their enemies, and flies. Rather, I would really talked about cooperation, near a particular tin of community.

She taught art in Slovak and Czech schools. How would you describe the difference between them?

Difference was that the Slovak Republic I taught high school and university language courses only. In Brno, I teach at the university. That is a fundamental difference because I approached another group of people, and other topics. Basically this is my experience relates to the difference in attitudes towards gymnazistom vysokoškolákom and what are the two so different that it makes no sense to compare them. But it is my dream and desire to go sometime to learn such as Teachers of Bratislava Brno.

How do you vary the Czech and Slovak schools?

Ah, there is a lot, and it's not linked not so much by direct experience for me as an educator, but with the situation in the political sphere.

Did you ever teach at the Slovak problem?

Yes, definitely. Younger grades are generally a problem, Last week it was the word sand. So I say to bilingual – sand, sand. When I say mew, tadpole, or a splash, so it is equal to translate (Gull, tadpole, pool), but the sand has got. On the „your“ the Czech defense but I must say that explicitly in failing to adopt or reject my slovenčiny I was never entertained. Even if the word Slovena I hear the first time since my former friend's family in Prague and will admit, I arrive just as pejorative Čehúň. Those stories dwell Sometimes funny, sad and anywhere. Sometimes it has literally hurt – when the lady stopped me on the street due to have new poll, advertising or collecting signatures, and slovenščina respond to my question „understand Czech?“, So it has sorry. On the other hand, am perfectly to enrich their own vocabulary in Czech, and I also „R“ I know do not say nice and does it involve the shame (shame … These are the words, I just know that they have to translate, otherwise my students strihajú ears . But at least it's fun).

Zuzka are sometimes faced with the Japanese-Czech-Slovak překldy

Differ in some way Czech and Slovak students?

In Brno, we have a Slovak, and Czech students. Each other differ among themselves about and how the man from Ostrava differs from the student's Bude­jovice. Similarly, the student of Bytča differs from the student's Vráblov. None science, plain sectionalism, which so far has its lower limit, it is healthy and competitively beneficial.

What pulls us to Slovak students? And what do you think might Czech students in Slovakia?

These are two different questions. Tá first it should be addressed to the students. I dare you just assume, since everyone has their personal reasons (and 18tke means those grounds for according me more personal than the rational and pragmatic). General it could be anything … An objective reason for this is definitely high quality and good reputation of the Brno Masaryk, not only in comparison with Czech universities, but also the Slovak Republic (MU speak about, because we operate here, so he can objectively assess the expression of my other Czech universities, however, precisely because it was subjective ). I think the important question of supply and demand. For example, someone from Povážská Bystrica can be in selecting universities in Brno and Bratislava compares choice – and then will decide based on what he wants to study and where is a better and more attractive offer. Slovaks have to Moravia and Bohemia closer than the opposite. The Slovak people are Czech pursues programs that should be read Czech books, Czech Slovaks understood. On the contrary, it unfortunately does not apply. A team will come to the second question-horizon Czech student in selecting university does not go beyond the landscape, Slovakia preňho outland, in which the nedohovorí.

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