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University of Pardubice participating Higher Education Fair 2010 in Brno Gaudeamus Added:1.11. 2010
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University of Pardubice participating Higher Education Fair 2010 in Brno Gaudeamus

Press news

University of Pardubice on 2 to 5 November participating in the European Fair of Higher Education and Lifelong GAUDEAMUS 2010, which is already 17th year at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

** Representatives of seven faculties of the University of Pardubice will provide at booth number Hall 7 F ** detailed information on studies and entrance examinations for the next academic year 2011/2012, in the form of lectures, personal consultations and written materials.

The fair is held already for the seventeenth time at the Brno Exhibition Centre, this time in Pavilion F ** Fair Gaudeamus is the most important source of information about study, not only after graduation .** visit the fair can be recommended to every student III. and IV. year of high school and all those interested in lifelong learning. The fair will be represented by 186 individual exhibitors ** ** ** More than 250 faculty and over ** ** 3500 ** fields of study that can be studied in the Czech Republic or foreign schools. This year will be represented at the fair for many countries throughout history. Exhibitors at the fair registered from 17 countries, the Czech Republic (132), Korea (12), Austria (7), Slovakia (6), Finland (6), Great Britain (4), Switzerland (4), Netherlands (3), Poland (2), Canada (2), Dubai (2), then one from Greece, Russia, France, New Zealand, Turkey and China.

Seven of the Czech technical universities including the University of Pardubice prepared largest exhibition entitled „** Let's play with technology **“. You can see our experimental vehicle drive one or both axles of Pardubice Jan Perner Transport Faculty, and various alchemical experiments of our chemists from the Faculty of Chemical Technology.

The fair will be held in various other events. Eg. 3rd edition of „Science for Life“ to students who prove that science is not just a boring blend of „hocus-pocus“, but it can be quite interesting and fun.

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – spokesman for the University of Pardubice Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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