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For graduation with a stammer Added:10.11. 2010
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For graduation with a stammer

Graduation, oral exams, interviewing for a job. These situations represent a high stress load. Even a man under the influence of nervousness sputtering and answers often literally vykoktává. How is doing to tackle similar challenges to people who stammer disturbing and everyday communication is balbutikům?

  • Elizabeth Hovorková (23) Manuel and Elvira (28) are two young students. Elizabeth is studying physiotherapy at the University of Palacky, Manuel bohemistiku at Masaryk University. At first glance it not so much to do, but if you give them the speech, after a while knows the difference. Eliska and Manuel takes a little longer than tell you what to say. From his childhood had been suffering from stammer balbutismem .*

"Balbutismus is a complex psycho-social syndrome, whose expression is nejznatelnějším stutter in speech. But do not neglect to be associated with psychological difficulties and disadvantages in social status stutterer, "said James Sharp from the Civic Association logo, which is dedicated to people with communication disorders and momentum. He said the cause is difficult to determine the largest share of the inheritance of stuttering, but their role in it can play as well as social environments and traumatic situations that may disposition a stuttering start.

The Civic Association logo cover both stuttering in the Czech Republic 130 000 kokta­jících. For these people the stress of such a situation, which is piece of cake for the rest of the population. Ordering food in a restaurant, buying train tickets, getting a phone call, introductions before strangers. As for such people is learning? And what graduation, at which plays an important role in speaking?

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„As far as elementary school, so I have nekoktala,“ recalls the years of compulsory schooling Elizabeth. „When I went on an eight-year high school, my speech worse. At that time I was tested orally, but teachers know that stutter, and when they found a few issues that I know or do not know, they put me under the mark. The problem I did read in foreign languages, because they read something aloud to me is not easy, in a foreign language, "recalls Elizabeth during their study. What's classmates? Children at a younger age and puberty can sometimes sensitive man easily hurt an inappropriate comment. Do not become the target of remarks? "I had no trouble with it,“ Elizabeth shakes her head, "the median time to time someone mentioned, if you do not have benefits, but that's college classmates take without problems, but rather I still have a tendency to defend. Maybe it's also because I study zdravonicky oriented field, and then we used the handicapped. " Elizabeth definitely does not work that would somehow let his handicap break pride. Even thinking about studying Sinology, because it is very attracted to Chinese culture. "Then I talked about it with different people and I found that Chinese language is difficult enough, and maybe I had problems with the application. That's why I chose physiotherapy and back I have to say that I chose correctly. It is a field where communication with people, and thus train their speaking, but speaking is not the main job description, such as interpreters, and the clerk. It is interesting that when in contact with patients so nekoktám, "says Elizabeth.

Neither Manuel during his school years because of his stuttering experienced no major snags. Neither oral exams are not shy away, even voluntarily reported to the board. „Worse it was only when I did not know how or when I tried the one from whom I had respect,“ says Manuel, whose balbutismus influenced only that further steps have not led to the teaching faculty, but the philosophical faculty. It seems, then, that stuttering is not such an obstacle by far, as a common man can think. Stutterers, thanks to his speech defect hiding and you do not play dumb to the contrary, seeks to combat their ailments by the problem head on. Elizabeth makes a volunteer for the Association logo and Manuel leads theater. Normally, therefore, working with people and try to overcome their defects. Even when asked for the electronic communication Elizabeth replies that she is always pleasant to talk with someone face to face. When the phones do not like those deals. And an oral interview to any job is not afraid. Only counting on the fact that the employer sends advance warning that the stutterer, in order to both sides were more prepared, and Eliska could be quieter. So how do the two young people was legendary test of adulthood?

„I certainly did not fear that I would not do a high school diploma because of stuttering,“ refutes any concerns balbutička Elizabeth. "We agreed with the teachers that I have written a half hours to prepare, they'll read it and will give additional questions. This way I have tried several times before in advance, so I was pretty calm, "says Elizabeth. "I've praised before graduation dějepisářce clothes and do everything I've tried to keep the peace of mind. The actual testing takes place so that I had a recommendation logopedky longer time to prepare, so then it's quite possible, "adds Manuel remembers that the hitch came only in the foundations of social sciences, where he could not recall the knowledge, the teacher guided him but luckily right direction.

The most important is peace of mind and preparedness. As for Stutterers and for all other graduates. There are ways to alleviate the stress loads. And these simple guidelines can take advantage of others. „It is important to slow down breathing, I need to test before I let your favorite music,“ says Elizabeth. It works with music and music therapy even more other art therapies that aim to improve the wellbeing of handicapped people, and thus to help eliminate problems with speech. Thorough relaxation before graduation is not the case nor the other students.

Finally Manuel warns that he and Elizabeth are not just a typical example of someone with a stammer. „The fact that with the head do not break too much, certainly not at all. Every person is different. I heard that the boy koktavej fallen into a deep depression, others again are afraid to speak in public. A friend once said to be that because of stuttering, you not buy a snack at the elementary school and prefer the morning starving, a friend of stuttering so that by itself usually does not get even a fluent word and should never ascended from greater numbers of people. “

The main key to dealing with their own imperfections is the art of taking ourselves as we are. "The essential is to learn not to seek fault in themselves, when someone with you because stuttering is disrespectful. It says more about the other person's maturity, "says psychologist Eva Přikrylová debate, which, with Elisabeth and Manuel works. And realize something like that, especially in GCSE can be beneficial. We are not perfect machines for information and if something is forgotten, nothing happens.

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