Graduation rehearsal confirmed the assumptions of the Ministry Added:5.11. 2010
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Graduation rehearsal confirmed the assumptions of the Ministry

At first glance, surprising results of the graduation rehearsal, in which failed ** ** 30% of pupils, received the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as expected. The organizers estimate was approximately the same failure rate. Is allowed for with far less neprobraným curriculum and pupil motivation.

Similarly, an estimate confirmed that the worst will lead pupils in mathematics. Then he chose 44% of graduates, almost 48% of them but now a sharp test failed. Examination in the Czech language and literature students have completed all mandatory and failure rate was approximately 22%. English turgescent should now about 34% percent of the graduates, 39% German entries.

Director of the Center for the Evaluation of Educational CERMAT Paul Green says that the graduation rehearsal ** completely meet its targets **. The results are according to him, although approximate, but provide very important information maturatnům to prepare for sharp graduation.

Source: „Ministry of Education press release“:…ntu-muze-byt

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