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Irene Cross: One would have to fulfill dreams, regardless of age Added:17.11. 2010
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Irene Cross: One would have to fulfill dreams, regardless of age

That is the study of high school hard? And what about studying the two schools? And for it to work? And it seems to have a household? This heroic task it set itself Irene Cross (45) from Brno and it has the third semester with strain forces can handle. What's more, it's fun. Does he and his former dream study.

"The impulse was my colleague from work, studying art history. So long, I eagerly listened to her experiences and new knowledge, and I myself signed on to the next high school, "depicts the beginning of his college life while Irene Cross. Other schools just do not think the height of one, but two straight. Since last year, is a student of museology and education at Masaryk University.

** Why did you decide to embark on another high school? **

Both fields my whole life somehow directed. I lead a variety of rings, high school, trained female volleyball and working with children, I liked. After acceptance of the amount due to the large number of candidates, I started teaching in a kindergarten, which I also enjoyed it, but I wanted more, I wanted to study. I made an application for a special school, where my father once lived. I hoped that after the cells have to graduate from this study. They accepted me. Study I finally enjoyed mainly by their classmates, and also because I like I learn new things. But my current job in many respects, unsatisfying, and so, after the erosion of my colleague tried the new school.

** Why are you enrolled in two courses right? **

I enrolled in two courses with the fact that perhaps is at least one. When I was accepted to both, I did not know which one to choose. And unfortunately I do not know yet, so bring vláčím double burden of proof on and I hope my luck with furo can complete both studies.

** The application you filed at the time when she began studying at a height of your oldest daughter. As for watching your efforts? **

She was shocked and thought I was crazy. But thanks to her I saw that the height of everything except for our studies. She wanted more, I understand the environment of high schools and how the daughter is studying and what actually happens in higher education today goes. I took it as a life test of a recession for a daughter … and it worked. Eventually I joined the study with liberating feeling that I want and I do not, because the job title and I already have. I was on top of things, I took it as a hobby. In the second semester, the feeling changed to PREC now give up and is now a lot about how to be. But it's still a free choice.

** We expect that the degrees and knowledge gained will be of benefit somehow? **

It's pretty tough question … The whole first year I was surprised that I can keep in school. Finished study for me is still science fiction, but if it works, I'll try to change jobs, and it will be a problem at my age. Perhaps she would have to combine studies in museum practice, which is my little dream. A titles? You are to me the last place for me is fine, that I can under the expert guidance to enhance the knowledge and know more. Intelligent people without degrees is enough, fortunately. For me it is way more important that I go to study, not a destination.

** How do you like the style of blended learning? **

Teaching style I like, even when performing assigned tasks, sometimes it seems impossible for me and spolustudující. The pedagogy we have every fortnight on a Friday all-day talks, which I try to attend regularly. Information submitted to us mostly in e-learning, which is fine. In the second semester was a huge burden essay in the Introduction to Education. We had a month to read four books by Plato, Rousseau, Comenius, and Tolstoy, a total of some fifteen hundred pages of texts in Czech. This month I have not experienced such a man, but as crazy reader. I read everywhere and always, doing excerpts, forcing their children to help me transcribe handwritten notes into the computer, in the meantime I continued reading and writing … I work in the midday lunch break reading and writing too … it was a horror and terror for me and the whole family, kids still hate Comenius and Rousseau. Another problem is the English texts that we read, we do not have English skills over the best. But museology can manage with less effort than pedagogy. We have the opportunity to take advantage of offers of participation in various professional lectures, even now we work under the new syllabus on the Internet Encyclopedia of Brno. Teaching is very interesting and one of those subjects we even learned information or Art History students know in such detail. I'm very satisfied. The only thing I regret is my memory that no longer serves as it once was.

** For the younger students often represent new knowledge from the greatest amount of benefits that they give the school and spends most of his time with them. You made friends at a new school with his classmates? **

I made friends with a lot of nice and interesting people. Especially when studying Museology I met with those who would normally have certainly met – conservators, librarians, conservationists, art historians, administrators depository administrator castles, etc. For this I am very happy. Classmates Blahořečíme all server, through which we communicated mainly along the baseline, even though we did not know much. I now have their use in mass communication and data transfer, especially in cases where for various reasons can not attend lectures. Otherwise, of course, communicate by phone, through emails and so on. With some I have met outside school and I hope to meet.

** How to study and work may hear? **

Employment is a chapter in itself. There I have no bed of roses. I work more in the male group, where he is studying at the University of inferior and quite unnecessary entertainment. Moreover, in my case, incomprehensible, I engineer the technology … Moreover, according to them I can not give enough work problems. A collection of overtime for attending lectures or speak. Holidays do not have much that I can devote the entire study. I prefer to speak my studies too, there is a taboo. Exam period is the worst in terms of time.

** How can we survive? **

Seriously. She'd never expected what I ever be able to resist. At some moments the man works as a machine goes to sleep thinking off less important at the expense of the most important moment. Around the credits and I'm going to test three hundred percent, then I feel like a masochist. But the relief after completion of the examination, which comes after about two weeks where I just want to sleep, not to see not a single text or a book and never or not to visit a museum or exhibition (smile), that is great.

** Who would you study other high school and at work who recommended you like the idea of ​​discouraging the contrary? **

The study I would recommend anyone who feels unrelated to the current job and wants something more adjusted. Also, to anyone who wants to stunt. It's never too late for a new beginning or change, and one should fulfill the dreams until the end of life regardless of age. I do not recommend it to someone who has the courage to new things that require great self-denial and overcoming to recommend the preferred self-study, where there are no deadlines or exams.

** What is currently the most valuable benefits of your new studio? **

Large amount of information and resources, exploring the space reopened. With that, unfortunately, also related to the finding that there is an infinite amount of what I wanted to know and do not know. Then, of course, school friends, teachers and spirited environment, the genius loci of the university building, the belief that young people are very nice with their energy and opinions. Also, better communication with my daughter about her studies, the evidence for his children that „when he wants, so it goes“ and „if you can not, so you twice.“ Perhaps give them a good model for their own learning. I believe that many people would be a useful self-study or leisure time. Fewer would be folly.

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