COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: The right to private schools and Added:26.11. 2010
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: The right to private schools and

The right belongs to the fields on which it is here among the candidates to study the greatest interest. Good news for those among them: it is possible to study elsewhere than at public universities. To learn more about the offer of legal studies at the Czech private colleges? We start with four of them that specialize in legal science.

** == College of Applied Law, Ltd. (VSAPI) ** ==

** Fields of study: ** The school offers two applied fields: * Business Law * in * social and legal work and employment *.

** About the School: ** School based in Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic has been almost ten years.

** Filling Mode: ** Students will be introduced primarily to specific areas of law as the legal status of business relationships and business disputes and employment law. The curriculum is to be seen „here“:…. For the other socially oriented sector, the study focuses more on the theory of social policy, labor law and social security, employment and labor market. The curriculum is „here“:….

** Admission ** An applicant becomes a student after school enrollment, which enabled him to supply the documents posted on the „this site“:….

** Tuition: ** 25 000 CZK per semester

** For more information: ** „“:

** == High School Karlovy Vary (VŠKV) ** ==

** Fields of study: ** The school offers four courses: * Business Law * in, * social activities * Legal, * Public Administration * and * Judicial and administrative activities of Notaries *.

** About the School: ** School, the teaching takes place in Karlovy Vary and Prague, and works more than ten years.

** ** The content of study beyond compulsory common basis on introduction to various fields of law, courses in specific subjects, which can be viewed at „this link“:…studprog.php.

** Admission ** An applicant becomes a student after school enrollment, which enabled him to supply the documents posted on the „this site“:…/obecinf.php

** Tuition: ** full-time students pay 23 000 CZK per semester, the students combined study 18 000 CZK per semester.

** For more information: ** „“:

[* * Kladivko.jpg]

** International Institute of Entrepreneurship and justice, Ltd. **

** Study ** Institute offers Bachelor degree in Law * and * follow * Masters degree in Law and Legal Science *.

** The school ** Institute provides courses Transcarpathian State University. It is located in Uzhgorod, the former capital of one hundred thousand outermost part of Czechoslovakia, Ruthenia. The Institute carries out a foreign study program, but in Czech. Graduates will receive the appropriate certificate of recognition of university education and qualifications in the Czech Republic.

** Filling Mode: ** The list of taught courses can be viewed ‚here‘:

** Admission ** Acceptance is based on an oral interview, for which you can read about the „here“:…ce-o-studiu/.

** Tuition: ** A Bachelor Degree is paid 28 000 CZK per semester in the master 30 000 CZK per semester.

** For more information: ** „“:

** ** == College Joštova

** Study ** School provides a single field * right *.

** The school ** Jostova College operates an information consultation center Karla Jesenskeho Faculty of Law at the University Sládkovičovo. This is only for distance learning, consultations take place in either Glasgow or directly Sládkovičovo.

** Filling Mode: ** Study can be viewed ‚here‘:…_plan_bc.pdf.

** Admission ** Applicants undergo an oral interview about his motivation to study more on „this link“:…rske-studium.

** Tuition: ** 24 750 CZK per semester (this is the fee for this academic year, the fee will be established next year at the beginning of 2011)

** For more information: ** „www.jostovaa­“:

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