Ministry of Education will evaluate graduates Added:10.11. 2010
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Ministry of Education will evaluate graduates

11th November 2010, the project will details of the tertiary education reform initiated an investigation aimed to evaluate the profile of fresh graduates as well as cooperation between universities and employers.

The survey will be approximately one to two months, and so-called method CAWI, thus completing the questionnaire via a web application to which the respondents are given a unique approach. Selected and approached to be responsible representatives of companies and government officials who have experience with the labor market and graduate schools. To carry out the research and selection of respondents working with the Ministry for Economic Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Industry and Transport and other relevant institutions.

The mission of investigation is mainly to find out what is the relationship of supply and demand for university graduates in the major groups of disciplines and levels of educational attainment (bachelor's, master's, doctoral), and also identify potential obstacles to greater diversification of tertiary education on the part of employers. In addition, the survey attempts to ascertain the views of employers on the skills of graduates and their visions of the ideal profile of graduates of various levels of higher education. Research will also focus on cooperation between universities and industry in research, development and innovation, and try to identify the barriers that currently exist in this area.

Research carried out for the Ministry of Education SC & C company selected by competitive tender. Its results will feed into the reform of tertiary education and to improve the quality of the debate will be made available to the wider public.

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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