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Interview: how to combine work, school and home? Added:29.11. 2010
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Interview: how to combine work, school and home?

University of possibilities for further study after graduation does not end there. If the profession need to learn something new, do not want to give up work due to school or receive you at your dream university, you can always engage in so-called lifelong learning. In some professions it is even obligatory. His knows John Long, who works as a nurse and education must constantly be fed.

** What exactly are you doing and how long you work in your field? **

For eight years as a social worker in the nursing service department – the babysitter Diakonie Evangelical Church, in the resort Myslibořice. This work is actually in the direct care of our clients, mostly seniors. I'm with them in daily contact, I help them in performing normal daily needs, such as dressing, bathing, feeding, or shopping.

** I know you at work refreshing variety of educational courses. The odds are exactly what is it? **

All employees in our center, including myself, we are engaged in lifelong learning. Under the Act on Social Services are obliged to obtain at least a year twenty-four hours of various training programs which will use directly in their work. The last time I attended such courses as „Caring for the elderly with dementia“, „Techniques for working with aggressive clients,“ Practicing communication with deaf people „or be“ comprehensive care for clients with conduct disorder. " The last time I also completed a qualifying course called "social workers, focusing on basic education activities. Our center received a grant for staff training, so I expect in the near future other courses.

[* Help-dopis.jpg. (Diaconal employee helping a client to write the letter) <]

** Are you glad you have the opportunity to attend such courses, or you are passing more of their starving? **

My profession I am very happy and fills me. To this my work to yield the greatest benefit to our clients, and I want to be in it as much improved. Therefore, I welcome my participation in these courses and I am glad that my employer allows for further learning.

** What is the course content? And do you have any problems with commuting on them, or how often to take place? **

Training courses are usually part of my working hours and pay the employer. The new grant will directly take courses in our center, other courses are held for example in Prague, Usti Sezimovo or Brno. Either my employer reimburses travel expenses and transported us to the place of the service car. The course is different – it is always depending on the topic of the course. In its essence, but courses are aimed at improving the work with clients and understanding their behavior and actions.

[* Al-celebration-narozenin.jpg. (Joint birthday celebration) <]

** How hard do you study it seems? **

I enjoy the training courses and enrich me, so I do not even accrue terribly difficult, even if it is part of a course and examination, of course I like about every reasonable doubts as to how I can handle everything.

** Must be very hard together to combine work, school, home and everything else … What is it for you? **

As I said, the employer allows us to attend courses during working hours, so I do not much extra time does not work again. Only time will spend on the road and back on course. But because I love my profession, so I do not mind and I also bring this sacrifice. Worse, if the course lasts a week at a time to be outside my workplace. Then they must help out the family (especially her grandmother's hus­band), because at home I have two immature children. A lot of things, then I need to catch up when I get back, especially me, but somehow it does not load again.

** Do you think that supplement their education with some courses in employment is to be a good alternative to study in college? **

I think that today's time with them the need to further educate definitely brings in the field, such as mine – in the social services – that certainly applies doubly. And some rates are sure to hurt anyone.

Photo source: website Diakonie CCE – Centre Myslibořice

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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