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VSB-TUO save money thanks to electronic instruments ppeSystem Added:9.11. 2010
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VSB-TUO save money thanks to electronic instruments ppeSystem

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VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, after thorough preparation and a number of tests has decided to award contracts using electronic tools. This rapid and transparent way is also very effective. So far, the most important saving of nearly CZK 35 million was for the purchase of electricity.

"With the awarding of public contracts by electronic system I have some experience so that the efficiency, speed and efficiency of the system confirmed our expectations. What surprised us, however, the amount of savings. Savings of 55% of electricity was not supposed to. With the positive results we are determined to continue in electronic auctions continue. "Ing. Zdenek Hodula, bursar VSB-TUO.

The complexity of instruments and strukturovatelnost ppeSystem enables the implementation of public procurement by individual faculties, as automated data collection and information in the faculties of procurement for a VSB-TUO. The transition to electronic procurement can yet did not require an initial investment, the university uses existing computer equipment and Internet connection. Valid only for the consumed service regardless of the number of orders or the amount of savings achieved. Some concerns about the transition to work is BORING form contracts have disappeared already in the first auction. The system is very user friendly and support from suppliers of fast and accurate. Already when entering bids from various suppliers into electronic instruments has led to significant savings through an electronic auction and competitive suppliers in the tool was to reduce the cost of millions more.

"With the VŠB-TU Ostrava, we began working on the mandate contracts later in the advertised tender for an electronic system succeeded our electronic instrument. The preparation of tender documentation by our experts, in consultation with the college, we could contribute to aggressive savings on individual contracts, says Ing. John Sikora – Managing Director.

** Mgr. Tana Kantorková ** External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorkova

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