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University of Pardubice November commemorates an event - a rich program on students' struggle for freedom and democracy Added:11.11. 2010
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University of Pardubice November commemorates an event - a rich program on students' struggle for freedom and democracy

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On Tuesday, the 16th prepared in November University of Pardubice has traditionally been a series of events on the occasion of the November national holiday of the Czech Republic and to commemorate historic events that have their links to higher ground.

Under this program, the Day of Students' Fight for Freedom and Democracy and culminates with the year in which the University of Pardubice, recalls 60 years of high school in Pardubice in 1950.

A rich program for students Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy University, conducted regularly since 1997, not only for academia but also in Pardubice public. The Rector announced on Tuesday, the 16th November for the university rectors off.


Tuesday, the 16th NOVEMBER 2010 * Rector's Day from 9:00 pm – tělovýchovný campus • Sports Day 9:00 am – Congress Hall Rectorate • Scientific Session of the University of Pardubice 13:00 – top university auditorium foyer • gallery opening and exhibition of portraits of presidents of the University insignia 14:00 – Aula Arnost of Pardubice • a formal academic ceremony graduating doctors and introduction of new associate professors and professors of the University 17:00 – Department of Physical Education and Sport and the University Sports Club • announcement of the 52nd vintage sports competitions Standart Rector athletes and the best universities in the academic year 2009/2010 17.00 – Gallery of the University of Pardubice – University Library • Exhibition opening – Rostislav Novák – Pictures 18:30 – for a memorial plaque from the University Library • act on the memorial of the 17th November (1939 * 1989) 19:00 – Aula Ernest of Pardubice • Gala Concert Chamber Philharmonic „The destiny of the modern Czech musical emigration“ Wednesday, the 17th NOVEMBER 2010 * National Day from 19:00 pm – Church of St. Pardubice • Concert on the 60th Anniversary of the University Choir

Tuesday, the 16th NOVEMBER 2010 * Rector's Day SPORTS DAY A rich program of the University begins on Tuesday 16 November at 9:00 in the morning session of the Scientific Council of the University of Pardubice and sports day. In the physical training facility at the University of Kunětické Street will take place within the sport of competition in floorball, indoor football, streetball, volleyball, badminton and rowing race on the new simulator. In the area of ​​water sports and tennis on the banks of the Elbe is also carried out cross-country.

PORTRAIT GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATION AND RECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF INSIGNIA At 13:00 pm, the university hall foyer opened gallery of portraits of presidents, ten figures who led the college in the past 60 years. Art students create works of restoration of the Faculty of Litomysl and decorate the upper foyer of the university auditorium. It will also be introduced to academic seal kit as part of the last university insignia – academic symbols, which a decade ago (in connection with the anniversary of the fifties College) University and began her new faculty to use. The work was a creative collaboration of academic sculptor Henry Ian Kolářského and roach. Candidates from the academic community and the public will be able to see during the afternoon and evening gala concert as portraits of rectors of high schools and insignia displays both old and new, currently used by university faculties and in academic ceremonial occasions.

ACADEMIC CEREMONY At 14:00 festive program of the University of Pardubice continuing academic ceremony in the Auditorium of Ernest of Pardubice, in which the 59 new doctors graduated three faculties – 35 doctoral graduates at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, 21 doctors of Jan Perner Transport Faculty, 3 Faculty of Economics and doctors and Administration, who will get his Ph.D. and reaches the highest level of university education. The academic community and all guests attending will also get two new professors and 7 associate professors of the University, who were appointed during the past year. Rector Professor, University of Pardubice. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, PhD. raised on this occasion oration.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE BEST ATHLETES OF THE UNIVERSITY At 17:00 pm the best athletes will be announced at the university during the past academic year and winning the 52nd FACULTY YEAR OF STANDARD sporting events to have taken possession RECTOR Rector Silver Challenge Cup. The yearlong competition between sports teams won the faculties of the University of Jan Perner Transport Faculty, whose athletes collected in 11 collective and individual sports disciplines nine possible points. Competitions Standart Rector attended the venerable 1195 athletes. Among the twenty-proclaimed best university athletes are this year's medalists from the Czech Academic Games: George April (decathlon), Thomas Neto (cross 800), James Mrákava, Petr Horacek, John Gold and David Smith (football) Lenka Matějovská (judo), George Jelinek, Andrew Josek, Milan Voracek, Pavel Sindelar, James Nemecek, Jan Jirsák Peter Majerik, Thomas Mahler, and John Ales Koucky Spacek (basketball). The representation at the international level are rewarded Šubrt James (1st place Junior World Championship in bodybuilding), Zozulák Martin (3rd place Acad. Floorball World Championships) and John Blahová (2nd place in the academic. Speed ​​World Championships Canoe K4 200m, 3rd place Acad. World Championships in sprint canoeing K1 200m).

EXHIBITION GALLERY UNIVERSITY PARDUBICE At 17:00 pm in the University Gallery located in the University Library's 65th place opening Exhibitions – Rostislav Novák – LANDSCAPE AND STRUCTURES. The author is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts professor. A. Paderlik. He teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague's archi­tecture faculty, teaching faculty of the University of Hradec. In addition to the implementation of larger deals with painting and graphics – stencil. In 2003 he won the main prize in the Print screen of the „Connection“ and in 2010 received honorable mention for the screen „bridge“. Prague's exhibition of paintings the artist Rostislav Novak takes on University Yard Gallery until 25 January 2011.

Memorial for 17 ACP NOVEMBER At 18:30 the University Library will commemorate the National Day Ceremony Czech Republic – Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy. Chair of Student Council and the Rector of the University on this occasion to speak briefly and placed the plaque at the entrance to the campus in Polabinách flowers. Memorial University Act will accompany the singing art of Pardubice.

Concert Chamber Philharmonic A rich program of the University of National Day and 60th anniversary of high school culminates in a gala concert Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic, which will be held from 19:00 pm in Auditorium Ernest of Pardubice – this year entitled "The destiny of the modern Czech musical emigration. Under the baton of Marko Ivanović Baletti to hear from John Doe's Nonet, Double Concerto for Violin and Strings by Tomas Svoboda, Pastorale for Strings "by Karel Husa and Sinfonietta La Jolla for chamber orchestra and piano by Bohuslav Martinu. Concert soloists are the violinist Iva Kramperová and Ian Krebs. Tickets for the gala concert in the auditorium of the university in advance and the Chamber Philharmonic Pardubice Regional Information Centre for other events free entry.

Wednesday, the 17th NOVEMBER 2010 * National Day From 19:00 in the Hussite Church in Pardubice, held a concert special on the 60th ANNIVERSARY

ESTABLISHING HIGHER Art Ensemble. Tickets available at the Regional Information Centre Pardubice Ticket Network Portal. The public ceremony is a program of the University of Pardubice, at 17 November cordially invited.

I cordially greet and invite to the program of the University

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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