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The VSB-TUO granted an honorary doctorate Added:13.11. 2010
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The VSB-TUO granted an honorary doctorate

Press news

On Tuesday 16 November 2010 will be held from 10:00 pm in the large hall of the new Hall of the Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba ceremonial session of the Scientific Board of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, which is held on the occasion of the fight for freedom and democracy.

In addition to transmission decrees new associate professors, graduate degrees and doctoral degree programs, MBA graduates will also be awarded an honorary doctorate. This honorary title is awarded to outstanding personalities in science and social life, by their long-term professional and organizational work in the field of science have contributed significantly to the development of scientific understanding and international cooperation in science and technology.

After the speech of the Rector of the Technical University prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrák, PhD., Will handover ceremony of an honorary degree „Doctor Honoris Causa“ prof. dr. hab. Inž. Krystian Probierzovi from Poland. Training and teaching activities of prof. Probierze throughout the flight to the Czech Republic and Technical University of Ostrava (guest Jeseníky marble deposits, presentation of Polish experts at Czech universities, industrial enterprises and research institutions, long-term activity of the external member of the Scientific Council of Mining and Geology Faculty in 3 terms of office). Honorary doctorate is prof. dr. hab. inż. Krystian Probierzovi awarded for lifetime contribution to mining and geological sciences, and cooperation with VSB-TUO the occasion of important anniversaries.

At a ceremonial session of the Scientific Board of VSB-TUO will also be awarded commemorative medals Georgius Agricola. On the proposal of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Professor. Ing. Miroslav Badidovi, Ph.D., Dr.. HC, and the proposal of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor. Ing. Hradilek Zdeněk, DrSc.

On the occasion of the 120th birth anniversary of Professor Emil Alois Dobner, University of celebrities and victims of political trials held by the Rector of VSB-TUO prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrak, CSc., Appreciate creative technical expertise and moral quality of EA Dobner awarding commemorative medals 160 years of VSB-TUO posthumously.

At a ceremonial session of the Scientific Board of VSB-TUO will be forwarded to the decrees of nine new associate professors, 74 graduate degrees Doctoral degree programs and diplomas passed in 1922 MBA graduates.

Mgr. Tana Kantorková External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorkova

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