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Easygoing Erasmus not only in big cities Added:3.12. 2010
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Easygoing Erasmus not only in big cities

Veronika Tomanova last year spent one semester at a relatively unknown German university. After this experience, but says: i study in a smaller town can be an unforgettable experience.

Last fall I spent in Germany, where I went through a scholarship to study Erasmus. Since I reported to the university that „she could“ go bankrupt over the holidays, I was looking for a coordinator with his last-minute solution. The choice I had two options – to defer the scholarship for another year, or just go to where it was still off. So I took the suitcase packed and headed – where? My final destination became Ilmenau, a small town in the heart of Germany. The first impression but sometimes deceiving:)

As the Technical University was the one I chose, and it all went a bit hastily, my expectation was too high. The very arrival was quite depressing – a first for me in the campus of Ilmenau waiting gray haze in the autumn rain and accommodation to match it has been collecting and rushed off campus. Slowly I began to put up with it, all those rumors about what Erasmus wheel (super fun, the best part of the study), apparently not for everyone unconditionally.

During the following days, but things started to move: the first, acquaintance week, I met many interesting people and other "spoluerasmáků. The local tutors are our way of example and care have helped us solve a variety of troubles. I need help to get accommodation on campus, so I moved from horror hostel after a week, and the apartment that I shared with a PhD student from Russia. Life on campus, I enjoyed to the fullest. Proximity canteen, universities, gyms and last but not least four clubs, located directly beneath the rails, we are not appreciated by international students.

On a trip with friends, the author of the text, third from right

Language courses during the day and at night, salsa

Technical University of Ilmenau offers excellent and varied range of language courses (from a native speaker of English to Chinese), so I had my specialization courses (journalism) was running for eight hours of language.

Great enrichment for those tired of spending in the clubs every night consistently, the range of sports courses – I went to the show dance, aerobics, spinning and salsa. Various forms of social dance practiced several times a week. Because of the prevailing technical university courses, courses not in need of plenty of male participants, so finding a dance partner was not the slightest problem.

Small town ==== ==== may surprise When I compare the experience back to their peers who reported on Erasmus in major European cities, I must say that the city pětadvacetiti­sícovém I met many interesting people. And there are organized parties, trips and feature high-quality university. Even in a small town you can spend an unforgettable semester, after which you will be much missed.

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Author: Veronika Tomanova, 22, is studying sociology and media studies and journalism at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University.

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