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Why study at the university? The chancellors are responsible Added:25.11. 2010
Updated:14.12. 2012
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Why study at the university? The chancellors are responsible

It is now important to study all high school? Why? We asked the most competent people – themselves presidents of Czech universities.

Note: Entries are arranged alphabetically by the names of universities.

Prof. Ing. Vaclav Havlicek, PhD.

rector ** Czech Technical University in Prague **

„By that enter the campus as one of their members, expand your horizons in all respects. You realize that high school gave you (hopefully) the basis of education, but basically it was a summer baby. With us, you become adults, independent individuals who are aware of what they intend to engage in life and why and what they intend to spend their efforts. You realize that behind every piece is a hard and honest work. Collaboration with leading scientists on the one hand, and manufacturing industries and commercial sector on the other hand, can help you better understand the profession you have chosen. University education and enjoy new friends, who will often be accompanied throughout their lives. In addition to obtaining the necessary knowledge and enjoy your wonderful social and cultural experiences and often can find a permanent life partners. “

Prof. Ing. Jiri Balik, Ph.D.

rector ** Czech University of Agriculture **

„Education in general and the university in particular, is for every young person the best investment in your future. With high-quality university education the student receives only the amount of knowledge and expertise, but formed his whole personality, way of thinking, access to the assigned tasks, their values ​​and attitudes . Good teachers transmit to their students not only interesting and often unique information, but also teaches them how to find information and interact with them. The good schools are supplemented by theoretical instruction with practical exercises, field trips and practices. Finally, higher education, it's not just learning: the student years are the most beautiful in our lives. “

[* * Muni-400×400.jpg]

Prof. Mgr. Petr Fiala, Ph.D., LL.M.

rector Masaryk University ** **

„Higher education gives a person a greater degree of freedom. The knowledge and skills acquired during their studies at university increase the chances in the labor market and may have helped to improve the quality of life in contemporary society. But education is not only a practical purpose, it is a value in itself, that enriches people, allows him to know and understand. “

Prof. Ing. Hlušek Jaroslav, Ing.

rector ** Mendel University in Brno **

„We live in a knowledge society, which is good for higher education one of the basic conditions for its further development. Open economies of small countries without strong natural resources, especially the export results of intellectual work of its inhabitants. We are a small country for whom the greatest asset of educated citizens. Higher education can not be the prerogative of elites, but must be a natural standard. We therefore have to be rich knowledge and skills of our people. It is also a personal level. As in all developed countries, and in the Czech Republic is the key to the higher education to employment, which provides a higher profile, higher wages, higher living level, but also higher overall quality of life. Higher education is the first step towards the prosperity of individuals and hence society as a whole. Higher education allows you to experience brand new things that you can capitalize on not only in professional life. “

Prof. Mgr. Michal Klima, MA, PhD.

rector ** Metropolitan University Prague, ops **

„Studying at high school life is a groundbreaking step in every young person. It is a time when everybody gets a special expertise in the field of study, which are prerequisites for a successful career, and flexibility in the labor market. But it is also the period when students acquire general knowledge and experience that enables him to better understand the everyday events in the Czech Republic, Europe and worldwide. “

[* * Unicorn.png]

Prof. Ing. George Kleibl, PhD.

rector ** ** Unicorn College

„The present time brings in all areas of human activity, a radical change. The world is changing pace and scale never before, and information technologies now permeate virtually all areas of social and economic life and become part of the activities of individuals and personal. Rights of the workers' qualifications and their knowledge continuously grow at the rapid development of information technologies and increasing the range of applications in virtually all areas of management. Requirements for managing and using these technologies in all areas of activity leads to the need to master these processes all the senior staff in management companies and other institutions. They become the profiling skills and content skills of all those involved in the management system and its development. “

Assoc. Ing. Josef Hynek, MBA, Ph.D.

rector ** ** The University of

„A college student may not automatically be happier, richer or more successful than high school graduate, but it undoubtedly has a better view and is much freer. Trained as an engineer, doctor or lawyer in life may decide to operate a boat rental, insurance agent to do or engage in local politics but from boat rentals to the legal profession leads the way again only through college. “

[* * Purkyne.gif]

Assoc. Ing. Iva Ritschelova, PhD.

Rector ** University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem **

„In this connection, I recalled the words of Lucius Seneca: * Non schoale sed vitae discimus .* We do not learn for school but for life. And keep the entire period of study in mind. Another reason to continue their studies may be that young people still do not know exactly what we wanted to do in life, and its decisions on future career by several years of delay. I should not forget not an important moment, which is the fact that the college will allow you to travel and spend part of their studies abroad. And maybe one more good reason to conclude: to extend the study to other youth, gain many new friends and enjoy parties and on the track. “

[* * Uk.gif]

Prof. Ing. Vaclav Hampl, DrSc.

rector ** Charles University, Prague **

„Studying at high school are undoubtedly among the most important life decisions. The right choice of college major influence not only the next few years, a young man during the study, but should also be key to the successful fulfillment of career goals in adulthood. Successful study at university is built on three basic pillars – talent, hard work and natural curiosity. And why college study? Because it supports and develops talent, shows that the effort could well emerge as yet undiscovered, and turn into real incredible, expanding horizons and not only reveals the secret science, but also successful and happy human life. “

[* * Palackeho.gif]

Prof. Ing. Mašlán Miroslav, Ing.

rector ** Palacky University in Olomouc **

„Studying at high school was always important, but the current period raises the importance of education was perhaps the greatest in history. Without a college degree is very difficult to succeed in the labor market. On the other hand, after finishing high school only has one more chance to find work, but also get a her a better salary. However, I did not like, if the aspect of university studies whittled down to just the economic aspect. College should first open the eyes of a young man and show him the beauty and depth of science, and he chose science as such. Also, would it be to teach critical thinking, fair and factual arguments and ability to form their own opinion. “

Prof. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, PhD.

rector ** ** University of Pardubice

„Studying at high school provides students with a number of important initiatives to further improve the quality of their lives. Of course, the primary is that higher gain professional skills that enable them to improve the labor market. With this is connected and better salaries. Study of high school students learn to think differently and perceive the surrounding world, to better understand in its complexity, to better understand the processes at work and personal life. Academic environment cultivates personality, relationships and communication. International experience already under study is a necessity for our graduates and a significant advantage for their future career. Considerable are also the contacts and friendships that formed during his university studies. “

[* * Jihlava.gif]

Ing. Jakub Novotny, Ph.D.

rector ** College of Polytechnics **

„Studying at university is now more accessible than it was decades ago. It is also significantly changing its meaning, and should also change the expectations of applicants. Higher education is not a magic wand that opens up a lucrative job, but open space and directions. itself has no meaning without further efforts to gain practical skills and experience. It is therefore necessary to pay much more attention to the selection field of study and college orientation. Name of high school, its location, name the field and entrance exams are certainly what each candidate primarily interested. It would also be interested in the applicability of the passing of a particular field and how he selected a school or faculty to prepare for further work or study of life. “

[* * Bata.jpg]

Assoc. Ing. Křesálek Vojtech, Ing.

Rector ** University of Tomas Bata in Zlin **

„Studying at high school offers many opportunities for the young man. This depends on whether it wants to actually use. I want to emphasize one of the occasions that I regard as particularly significant, the possibility of obtaining an international outlook. High school today in various ways encourage international cooperation. I I encourage every student to make the best use of the possibilities he offers in this area, as contact with the international environment provide a wider view of man and forms the personality. “

Prof. DVM. Vladimir Vecerek, PhD., MBA

rector ** Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences **

„Log on to study for college graduates that has the potential to achieve higher education should be obvious. High school is a unique tool for gaining more knowledge, experience and skills in your chosen field. Also, the development of creative thinking in the university environment creates conditions for a young man to further his quality of life during the study and subsequently in practice. Socially, it is the potential quality of graduates prerequisite for the development of the economic, social, cultural and other fields, and also for overcoming the crisis that accompanies each company. “

Prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrak, CSc.

rector ** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava **

„We got used to that every morning I sit down in a car to take us where we need to be overcome in a comfortable aircraft vast distances and time zones, each time we connected with each other via mobile phones and social networks, we have all available information in distance of two clicks of the mouse to our computer. bit but we are forgetting what is behind these achievements. The car is a complex mechatronic system driven tens of processors, the designers of aircraft aerodynamics count on powerful supercomputers, materials engineers looking for ever lighter, yet stronger materials, linear algebra became the basis for multi-billion dollar business of Internet search engines. It is undoubtedly clear that the success of our country lies not only in the use of these technologies, but mainly in the fact that we want and we will create. “

Prof. Ing. Milan Student, PhD.

rector ** College of Economics and Management **

„Education and particularly higher education, is now increasingly seen as a form of capital – namely human capital – investing in and show him a long time as effective. Not by chance called GS Becker, one of the Nobel Prize in economics, 21 century the century of human capital and the existence of private universities, especially in economics and management is the best proof. Private investment in education means not only improved the labor market, but also greater social prestige, higher wages and, consequently, higher pensions. For those you understand this, there is an offer: College of Economics and Management is open to all. “

[* * Vsers.jpg]

Prof. Mgr. Švejda Gabriel, PhD.

rector ** College of European and Regional Studies, ops **

„A substantial part of our contemporary public opinion believes that many high school students have chosen university course as an extension of his student period, and an escape from life with all its practical problems and sorrows. The statistics of developed countries is discussed in concrete terms quite the opposite. Higher education, particularly vocationally oriented high-gain is not only for individual graduates, but for the prosperity of these countries themselves. “

Prof. Ing. Josef Sima, Ph.D.

rector ** CEVRO Institute **

„Nobody knows exactly how the future will look like, and therefore each must be prepared that will adapt to life in new situations. A college education gives a man just this area – greater insight, better understanding and flexible problem solving. The better education you have, the easier to resolve any unpleasant situation – for example, find new and better paid jobs – and ensure a happy life. High School opens his eyes and the world. A study can be very fun today. “

Dr. Bohuslav Šenkýřová ==== ==== Rector ** Institute of Finance and Administration, ** ops

„Just read once in a while statistics incomes or view the table of unemployment by educational attainment and it is immediately clear that the university a competitive advantage. I can translate what I learned from students and graduates of our universities. Want to do in life work that is not good to use, but mostly it will be interesting and fun. And our students and alumni know that attending college made only the first step, because only the lifelong learning they will provide continuing ability to succeed. “

[* * Hotelovka.gif]

Assoc. Ing. Stephen Muller, PhD.

rector ** High School ** hotel in Prague

„The usual arguments in favor of higher education, state benefits and career advancement of the financial award compared with those who have gone through high school. This is of course true, but education as such has another dimension. Really educated man, if he only plays the gentleman, my life enriched with knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world and the world around us. For service workers, prepared by Institute of Hospitality in the field of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism, is also very important interpersonal communication, knowledge of languages, psychology and many other skills. “

[* * Vsmei.jpg]

Prof. Ing. Jiri Dvorak, MD.

rector ** College of managerial economics and computer science **

„Reasons to study at the university can be quite diverse. Examples of such acquisition of social prestige, to acquire knowledge and exercise habits for jobs that require college, meet the parents wish to have an undergraduate at home, and increase competitiveness in the labor market, ensuring higher earnings , reducing the risk of unemployment, due to language skills for better communication with the external environment, etc. “

Assoc. Ing. Judith Štouračová, PhD.

Rector ** College of Public Administration and International Relations, Prague, ops **

„Graduation is already enough. Only high school can provide this and future generations education and training to help students gain skills they will need in an increasingly challenging competitive context of domestic and international job market. Only high school can be students – in addition to education – as well as independence, ability to deal with people and needed dose of confidence, without which, in today's society, never will not enforce. “

[* * Vso.jpg]

Assoc. Ing. Ivo Straka, PhD.

rector ** College of Business Studies in Prague **

„Studying at high school today allows the integration into the professional community to the next life Exploring professional practice environment and personal ties in the years ahead.“

[* Entrepreneurship * ostrava.jpg]

Assoc. Ing. Vladimir Krajčík, Ph.D.

rector ** College of Business, as Ostrava **

„Today, perhaps, few doubt that the success in working life is through education. Education, which corresponds to and respects the demands and needs of practice. Why it is, I believe the graduates of the current variable and rapidly changing labor market, major Indicators of success throughout high school. “

[* * Zcu.gif]

Assoc. Ing. Josef Prusa, CSc.

rector ** University of West **

„There are several reasons. Selecting universities is sufficient. Number of places as well. Higher education in the Czech Republic, according to Education at a Glance significantly increases their employability. Compared to college graduates is by 10 percentage points higher. Individual economic return on investment in education in the Czech Republic is still very high. Graduate (male) earns roughly 2× more than if they had vysoškolské education. Higher yield reported only Brazil and Hungary. For women it is a little less. Also, in general , the more educated a person feel healthier. Structured learning programs allow even those who feel the long (5–6 years) study, study less, practically oriented undergraduate programs. Student life is a stretch of life that are remembered the rest of my life. “

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