Proper citation is not just politeness, but also a legal obligation Added:1.12. 2010
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Proper citation is not just politeness, but also a legal obligation

While some secondary schools in the preparation of seminar work is still not on a careful and proper citation of sources placing so much emphasis on higher education as such matters are an essential part of every odevzdávaného or otherwise publicly presented below. Moreover, to admit their source is not just politeness, but also a legal obligation.

Probably few students are so intelligent and well read, he could handle any assignment of a specialist subject without the help of related literature and other sources. Most of us, therefore, reaches for books or browse the web site to find everything you need. But if his work, whether or Master's seminar, we use the idea of ​​another author, this fact must always be stated.

Why cite?

Proper marketing of its power has several reasons why you should mention only the most important:

  • To indicate its source is a moral ** **: each author who published his own idea and make it public, it has a moral right and as such should also be perceived. Obviously anyone would not like that idea has found its work done by someone completely foreign, without it he found his name.
  • Indicate the source ** ** is given by law: the issue deals with citation and copyright law, namely Law No. 121/2000 Coll. Copyright (** ** Copyright Act) which section. 3, § 31 dedicated to the quotes, saying that * „Copyright is not infringed by a person who a) quotes in his book the extent reasonable extracts from published works by other authors, b) included in its work independent scientific, critical, professional or work intended for teaching purposes, to explain its contents, a small published works, c) uses a published work in a lecture exclusively for scientific or teaching purposes or for other educational purposes, it is always necessary to state the author's name, unless the anonymous work, or name of the person under whose name the work is placed on the public and the title of the work and resources. “*

Given that the obligation to indicate the source is enshrined in law, its failure may lead to appropriate sanctions.

  • Give us a source ** may protect against accusations of false information **: even if we do not outweigh the use of foreign ideas on the intention to use it, nobody can accuse us that our idea is wrong – wrong in this case, the idea of ​​our resources, and more the debate can only rotate around it, why it is so. We must of course be a source of credible **. **
  • The source of our text helps readers to better orientation ** ** because you can trace it through the original information, track their context and to read further details about the subject, which we ourselves have in their work shy.
  • Quoting other sources prove that ** we work with literature and ** ** ** in our survey so far published works on the topic we process. At the same time on these other sources of information to pass on to our readers and text.

Some rules of good quotes

  • Source must be noted in both the literal quotes ** ** (using quotes), and in the case of indirect quotation ** ** (free takeover of ideas, paraphrases)
  • The source of our information we only use in printed publications, but also (reliable) internet resources, media, lectures, e-mail communication, etc., our source should always be the primary ** **, that we should exploit the work of the author ideas, not someone who already took his idea one
  • Way to write citations must be in all our work ** ** single to interfere with the clarity and logic of the text
  • When quoting we always adhere to the official citation standards – in the Czech Republic is mostly used by international standards ** ISO 690 and ISO 690–2 **, but there are also many other

Useful links === === The Web is a wide range of web sites and portals dedicated to the proper citation practices. For example, provides a good overview Peter Boldiš on its Web site, detailed information will also provide site Exclusively devoted to the quote page, but also many others. Principles of proper citation, however, can also be found on the pages of all colleges and universities.

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