When Masaryk University was established Centre of Civic Education Added:17.11. 2010
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When Masaryk University was established Centre of Civic Education

** ** Center for Civic Education is launching these days, its activity as a new department of the Masaryk University. Supported by the Ministry of Education and the European Union.

According to extensive studies performed in dozens of European countries, the Czechs are doing well with the theoretical knowledge of the principles of democracy, but do not realize what they mean for the practice. They do not use their civil rights nearly as much as the Germans. It is their civic education has become a major center for Czech inspiration.

Awareness of the possibilities of a citizen of a democratic state should increase the resulting center, not only between primary and secondary schools, but also among adults.

Center received funds from the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness in the project Education for Citizenship. This is the first such institution with nationwide scope of the Czech Republic.

** Source: ** Tiková report, press conference

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