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Peter Detersová: I studied in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic Added:10.12. 2010
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Peter Detersová: I studied in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

Peter Detersová already has a bachelor's degree from the Slovak University. It is also now in the third year at Masaryk University. As the study compares the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic and what was for her to get used to the Czech environment?

Peter Detersová is twenty-three graduate bachelor degree film scriptwriting and dramaturgy at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica. The third year it has coincided with the first year of combined studies at the Masaryk University in Brno, namely dvojoboru journalism and psychology at the Faculty of Social Studies. After completing his first school she transferred from the combined studies at the time and is now already preparing for battle on his second bachelor's degree.

** Why did you decide to go to study psychology in the Czech Republic? **

A very simple answer: because the Slovak Republic's about 90% of the 100 lower level, as to the quality of teaching, the schools and in general overall terms. What we hobble the most, according to me is the complete absence of heat. Indifference. From the fact that teachers are not sufficiently in our valuations are odvíjajú another context: they are not motivated, they are tired because they almost never teaching them not only remeslom. If so then they do it professionally and so-called racing: for example, learn about the six universities, which in practice means that you really not teaching or on one. It is probably clear that some teachers takíto scarcely namotivujú their students and convince them that the study makes sense.

** Do you think that, generally, in studying and Slovak Republic are some differences or is it just varies from school to school? **

Despite the fact that I generalizovanie council, I have a very good experience with schools in the CR and the adverse experiences with schools in the Slovak Republic. It concerns such as the reception level of the tests: to compare the behavior of teachers in Olomouc and Bratislava is totally unnecessary, because it is two different things so it does not even compare. The Slovak Republic as though the original idea strácala, which reads, I admit, a bit idealistic, that doctrine is the transfer of knowledge and high school should prepare people to life.

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** The Slovak students at Czech schools is sometimes said to be much eager and ambitious. Do you think there's something to it? **

Seriously, is it speaks about us? Even I did not hear it. But can this law shall run out of things as I have spoken earlier. I think the fact that we were given opportunities to study in a better environment, we want to take advantage of it. I appreciate it and enjoy Unbelievably, when I browse the faculty and within a noisy, študáci posedávajú, learn to, doučujú each other, working on projects … That's the atmosphere that the school should be. I have the impression that it shall run from the fact that professors are our guides, and no guards or saboteurs of our ambition. The Slovak Republic there is no exception (and it is not secret at all) that unless you're good, so you will firstly try to remove from the road and not encouraged. You are a potential threat, potential competition. I think it's again about peniazoch. And that's unfortu­nately about us Slovákoch that we feel aggrieved against ostatnému world, so this is between you vyraďujem from the wheel and then you čudujeme, prečože that we have such a gigantic outflow of skilled people who have studied abroad and I want to go back to .

** What is for you study in Czech? Occasionally come across an obstacle, it will be in Slovak Czech foreign terms you use? **

I like Czech. At home, when I have a choice between the Czech and Slovak dubbing version, I choose uniquely Czech. Similarly, translations of books. So I do not understand the problem. Worse is that with writing, grammar rules are still learning, and especially when he writes in Czech some teamwork. Then it would be counterproductive, if my spolužiaci after I had to translate into Czech slovenščina, so I write in Czech and let you correct mistakes from them and explain grammar, and so will I teach it. In addition to joint work while I am all odovzdávala in Slovak. Czech dates me but to infiltrate písaného speech, and spoken. This probably can not be avoided.

** How do you manage to commute? You seem more at home in Brno, or the parents? **

Do not go home often, Brno is still more than I feel at home. I am a very good team environment zžitá and I have a pile of buddies from Slovakia. Furthermore, the team that year, taking place I like long-distance student, I should have time to see everything from a distance and then it as the „expert“ march to the daily study.

** Would you like more after school to return to Slovakia, or you prefer to look for work on Czech soil? **

Abide in the country. It is a good compromise between foreign countries and Slovakia. For me, it is clear that I wanted to stay home. And I consider almost CR-home, that's enough. Odiaľ dovidím because our mountains – Mala Fatra and the more and the mom and my friends žilinských.

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