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Tomas Svoboda: Science is fun Added:13.12. 2010
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Tomas Svoboda: Science is fun

In November, a promising high school in Brno, Czech grant price of the header. In the category of Futura, subtitled The solution for the future was awarded first place Tomas Svoboda (20), who decided to construct their own X-ray. We bring you an interview with him.

A former student of the School of Electrical Engineering in Brno and current student of technology and biomedicine Biomedicínká the University of Technology began work on his project in the third year of high school. Over time he grew up under the hands of a unique device, which the X-ray the curiosity gradually perhaps everything he found at home. For his hard work won second place in the national round of Secondary professional activities and awards Czech header 2010th It is possible that prices at each other soon. What makes the project unique and how its construction „waved“ Tomas diary?

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Tomas Svoboda and his Czech header Awards 2010 (photo: archive Tomas Svoboda)

** Could you please present the project for which you won the Czech head? **

It is a combination of stationary X-ray and computerized tomograph, which has the advantage that it is mobile. It is a de facto one of the first mobile computer tomographs in the world. Computer tomography is the principle of imaging methods to look inside the body without having to dismount. It is used mainly in healthcare, it is necessary to detect cancerous tumors, vascular disorders, heart examined. X-ray tube rotates around the patient and detectors on the basis of images from different angles on a computer draw cut patient's body. In the case of my project, so it was not just a mechanical design, but I had to get on the computer program and a program that is able to construct images obtained from the cut. Besides health care, similar devices used in industry in defectoscopy components. X-ray can determine where the fault on the component without having to dismantle it.

** The more specifically you are interested in this issue? **

It started in the third year in high school, where we had a subject in medical imaging systems. X-rays is also something dangerous and forbidden, and it always attracts people … I thought that I read something about it and it started me more and more interested, until I finally thought to do your own research, which was necessary to build your own X-ray . X-rays are actually ionizing radiation, which has harmful effects on biological materials, so my first idea was to test the effects of radiation on laboratory mice with tissue or to make samples and compare the effects of radiation on DNA.

** How to dangerous ideas like your response area? **

At home, they fear, and of course at school I had a little trouble, but I managed to completely shield the X-ray and successfully tested. After presenting the results of safety equipment I was finally home and in school support.

** What are you planning next? **

I was nominated for the Intel ICEF, a competition that is announced in Los Angeles, so there I am looking forward. I will try to project what his much improved, I have something to prove. Next, I wanted my device to provide education at the Technical University in genetic laboratories to examine samples of cells and DNA.

** Have you had childhood and warm relationship to science? **

For about six years of age, I tended to electronics, I participated in clubs like the ring of Electrical Engineering and Amateur radio, where we went to Pálava broadcast, I sestrojoval various radio and alarm systems. It was my dream to become a scientist and when I watched the transfer of Czech nuts, which is the award for the youngest scientists (for more information about the competition „here“: – ed. Editor) I imagined how I take the price too. But it was the only Czech head where I scored.

** You watched the contest Czech header and before you were nominated? **

I learned about it only after I received a call from Mr. Parish Secondary professional activities, where I was second.

** Who beat you? **

Two robot designers who worked on a system of artificial neural networks, and sought the path rooms. Should the project also pretty sophisticated in terms of design, on which I have yet to incorporate.

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Tomas project „X-rays and construction equipment SCIOX“ (photo: archive Tomas Svoboda)

** Your also tried other classmates to succeed in science, or you were at school exception? **

This year we have to Secondary professional activities involved in the school only two. So we were more like an anomaly. But it's a shame. Students learn not only their own activity to write a professional job and advocating projects, which they did later in the study will be very useful, they also get interesting contacts and visibility yourself, your effort and your project, which they can continue to help tremendously in finding collaborators for further projects or in getting the work itself.

** How much do the young scientist projects similar sacrifice? Remaining time for hobbies? **

Throughout the project I worked about a year and I'm really eaten a lot of time. A complicating factor was that I had financed the x-ray myself, so combine brigade, school and scientific activity, was quite a chore. In addition, the same year I graduated in trumpet playing, so I incorporate it into even worry about it …

** Will you continue in the game, so if you develop promising scientific career? **

Definitely. Although the trumpet after graduation went a little into the background, but to play a musical instrument is great relaxation, so I wanted to keep playing at least as a hobby. With his father plan to buy an electric piano, so revive the piano, which I spent in childhood.

** What would you advise people who would like to issue a scientific way? **

It is important to really take it and be able to refuse to take some things like Friday's party. It is not just about writing the theoretical works and the construction itself, but also about organizing time and looking for contacts that can help.

** So you spent a year as a workaholic teetotaler? **

I would not say that. Since I was on the brigade behind the bar, I had fun and work a little bit flattened (smile).

** So, science and entertainment can combine …**

Sure. Above all, science is fun.

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