In POLYGLOT video competition you can win a two-week seminar in Finland Added:19.11. 2010
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In POLYGLOT video competition you can win a two-week seminar in Finland

NISI MASA European Organization organizes video competition on multilingualism. If you are 18–35 years old, can participate in the competition by creating short, a maximum five-minute video on how multilingualism affects the younger generation. Eighteen winners will have the opportunity to attend two-week seminar on the production of documentary film in June 2011 in Turku, Finland. Workshop titled „Cine-boat“ will take place on the ship and keep it professional teacher.

You can compete in two categories, first in the category „video portraits“ where to go to the movie theme „Does Multilingualism“, second in the category „videobásně“, which is a fiction with the theme „Language of the Dream.“ You can shoot a film in Czech, then just add English subtitles.

The whole contest takes place online, and now you can watch online videos of other contestants. Closing date for entries is 15 12th 2010, remains less than a month. All information, visit the contest website.

Source: European Youth Portal

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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