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Ji Chang about studying in the CR: I prefer college fun than net Added:20.12. 2010
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Ji Chang about studying in the CR: I prefer college fun than net

Hongkonžanka Yi Chan (22) last year spent a semester at Masaryk University in Brno. As of today remembers the experience of studying in the Czech way?

Why did you chose the Czech Republic?

My first choice was Amsterdam and the Czech Republic has been my second choice. Brno I chose because it is so tourist – to Spain or Italy, I think I would ever look. But I'm so glad I finally did not select to Amsterdam, the Czech Republic is much better. How was the application and selection of students for studies in Brno in your university in Hong Kong? I had to submit a detailed written application, pass the TOEFL at least 7.5 points and pass the interview. It was awful paperwork, so a lot of people just gave up because of the bureaucracy. Finally, but not too hard to get to Brno, most people want to England or the U.S., the CR was not up to such an interest.

Did you know that Brno was ultimately better than Amsterdam. What?

Mainly it is a lot cheaper. I traveled, I did not eat a nasty cheap food and I had time for other things than just study. Geographically, Brno is a very convenient location, I saw the need to Budapest. Also it was cool that Brno is so small that they are rozstrkané campuses throughout the city, so you met a lot of people. I went to a movie nights with screenings of Czech films.

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In what was a major difference in the studio?

I was disappointed how many items we had AJ – offer was not much of anything, and generally came to me demanding hours in Hong Kong. Students in the Czech Republic but more dynamic and more relaxed, although both are able to concentrate much better, and not just sign them. In Hong Kong would also be one hour talking about personal opinions or experiences.

What was your experience student life in the Czech Republic?

Very, very good:) studying I had to spend much less time. But I can not say that it would be typical for the Czech way of study – of course, as an exchange student, I had a bit of a different life. It was present in alcohol and partying, but the main thing we took were those relationships that we have with each other with interchangeable students created. I am tremendously glad that I met. We were still in contact and are planning for June meeting in Brno, hopefully it works out.

How do you like the tracks?

At first I found it used, not much. Hong Kong is cleaner, but I'd rather a million lived in the dormitories Wine, you can do whatever you want. You open the door of your room simply and anyone there can come any time, girls, boys, whatever. I prefer college fun than a clean and modern tracks.

What for you was while studying in the Czech Republic the hardest?

Language! (Laughs) At the University all spoke English, but in stores and everywhere outside the university, I was always afraid that I do not understand, it was common. When I lost the bag with the necessary documents and went to the police, did not speak English at all, and when I did not understand, spoke to me in Czech, but aloud, as I would then be understood better. All services are also much slower. In addition to these things but I loved it in Brno.

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