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Can you Swedish? Confirm test Swedex! Added:22.12. 2010
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Can you Swedish? Confirm test Swedex!

If you are close to the ground three crowns, why his warm relationship nestvrdit be some official diploma? Start can be satisfied by proof of language test, which is in the case of Swedish international language certificate Swedex.

Although Swedish is still not a normal part of the courses organized by language schools, so completely has also not neglected. In addition, Swedish and you sacrifice all their undergraduate studies – such as the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and the Masaryk University in Brno, which organizes the test Swedex only the second of these. The only school in the language where you can take, is the language school with state language examinations of Prague. For the exam, of course, you can log in without having previously completed a language course. The test can be outside these institutions will also sit directly in Sweden alone, or in one of more than 40 testing centers in various countries.


Swedex test is with us so far the only recognized international certificate potvrzujícícím desired level of knowledge of Swedish. The concept was created in 2003 within the Socrates Lingua 2 for the financial assistance of the European Commission. The first rehearsals were held in spring 2005. This certificate applies, particularly those who want to study or work in Sweden or Swedish and used in the context of their profession at home or elsewhere.

Form == test == The test is advertised in two levels of knowledge, namely A2 and B1, which follow the requirement of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Currently preparing the level B2, whose completion is planned for spring 2011. The exam consists of written and oral.

=== Swedex A2

** Written part: **

  • Reading comprehension (45 min.)
  • Vocabulary and Grammar (20 min.)
  • Break (20 min.)
  • Listening Comprehension (15–20 minutes).
  • Writing (20 min.)

** Oral **

  • The oral part consists of a simple conversation, picture description and exchange of information (10 min.).

=== Swedex B1

** Written part: **

  • Reading comprehension (45 min.)
  • Break (15 min.)
  • Vocabulary and Grammar (20 min.)
  • Writing (30 min.)
  • Break (20 min.)
  • Listening Comprehension (35–45 minutes).

** Oral **

  • The oral exam consists of a B1 level dialogue on this subject and interview based on the submitted files (total 15 min. + 15 min. In preparation).

Definition == Knowledge Level Test

** A2 ** Swedex test demonstrates that the test is a graduate of common phrases and expressions, can handle a simple, everyday communication, is able to provide and request information from everyday nature.

** Test ** Swedex B1 shows that a communication graduate in everyday language, foreign language master komunkaci used while traveling, without preparation can speak on matters of character and everyday matters of everyday life, but can also articulate their aspirations and future plans. He can justify and explain their views.

Reviews == test == Points earned in the sub-tests written and oral are cumulative, so if a student nezadaří in one part, compensate for a bad outcome in the other. The condition for that its performance was evaluated at least as "succeeded (and) / pass (a), however, is that in both oral and written each won at least 60% of the total number of points that could be obtained.

Examination fee == == The current level of fees for examination Swedex set as follows: Swedex A2: 2500, – CZK Swedex B1: 3.300, – CZK

Further details of the test, visit the „Language schools state language exams City. Prague“:…/show/id/180 or „“: http: / /

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