COMPARISON OF COURSES: Food Technology Added:17.12. 2010
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Making sense of food, becoming an expert in their proper preservation and composition, working as a hygienist. If you like attractive career or if you simply enjoy chemistry and would like for her to find a concrete and practical applications, you might be interested in food technology degree course.

** Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno – Faculty of Agriculture **

** ** Course characteristics

Mendel University offers a study of food technology as a three-year Bachelor degree course in a full-time program in Chemistry and Food Technology. Field opens at the Faculty of Agronomy and after obtaining a bachelor's degree can pursue a two-year master study, again only in full form. The Master's program then you can choose one of the courses directly related to your undergraduate degree course – Quality and food safety, Food Technology and Ekotrofologie.

** ** The content of study

In contrast to studies at the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, Mendel University students do not vote for specialization, but must complete all training and most special disciplines. As for items, you will encounter here such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology, human nutrition, food hygiene, economy, technology, meat, food engineering, or laktologií. Expect not only lectures but also with the exercises and laboratories.

** Entrance Exams **

The Faculty of Agronomy, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry to you based on your academic average for the last 2.5 years of study at your school or college. Similarly, master degree students are accepted based on their learning outcomes in undergraduate studies. If you want to report on the combined form of study, it might surprise you the requirement of two years experience at the undergraduate and one year of experience at the Master's program.

For more information, see „­“:

** Institute of Chemical Technology – Faculty of Food Technology and Biochemical **

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Studio ** Features **

At the University of Chemical Technology opens the field of food technology in the framework of Chemistry and Food Technology as a three-year bachelor's degrees, unlike Mendel University is possible to study in addition to full forms in a combined form. The Master's Study on „food technology“ at this university will not find, but you can choose from three related, more specialized fields (specifically, Dairy and Fat Technology, Food Preservation and Meat Technology and Carbohydrate Chemistry and Technology). After completing a two-year master's degree can pursue a four-year doctoral study.

** Where can I study **

You might be surprised to learn that food technology at the University of Chemical Technology do not necessarily have to study in Prague, but you can also sign up for study in the Learning and Study Center in camps or in the Most-Velebudice.

** ** The content of study

As a graduate you will be able to carry out inspections in the factory or corporate laboratories of the food industry, use of modern instrumentation, to analyze the audit and inspection bodies and the like. Expect to study chemistry, mathematics, toxicology, ecology or biology. Prepare the required lab course.

** Entrance Exams **

Like the Mendel University Institute of Chemical Technology does not hold an entrance test, it is important for your high school, namely your results in chemistry and mathematics at the annual report of 1 – 3 vintage and half-yearly report of 4 year (ie it together eight Marks). If you were in high school a few hours of chemistry or mathematics, are missing signs added to the benefit of eight grades in biology or physics.

For more information, see „http://www.vscht­.cz/homepage/za­jemci/vitejte“:…emci/vitejte

** Tomas Bata University in Zlín – Faculty of Technology **

Studio ** Features **

To obtain a doctorate in food technology, reporting you to the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, where he is listed a four-year doctoral studies in this field and combined full-time, and again in the program, Chemistry and Food Technology.

For more information, see „http://web.ut­­23&lang=cs&ty­pe=0“:…

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