The Special Branch: Wine and viticulture Added:24.12. 2010
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The Special Branch: Wine and viticulture

Drink wine, we can all recognize the variety just one of us, but knowing the real masters of the secret art of production and beneficial fluid is rare. Presume? What do you expect?

Contents === === study The aim of the study is to prepare experts in the field of vine growing and processing grapes, but in the wine business and related activities. First year of study, students spend in Brno, the next two years are taught on site in Lednice.

Subjects === === Teaching is focused on the vine, technology of production of wines (white, red, sparkling), traditional and modern methods. Students also become familiar with the technology for setting fabric components of wine and must. In addition to training, retention and finishing of wine, students must cope with the identification of defects and diseases and their prevention. The course is also a domestic and world history, cultivation and wine production, wine and cultural use of the positive effects of wine on the human organism. Of course there is a mandatory practice, but the sensory evaluation, marketing and economics.

Where can you study

This study offers only Mendel University in Brno Faculty of Horticulture. You can find it under a program of Horticultural Engineering a three-year Bachelor degree in time and combined form.

wine production is done alchemy

Graduates === === After undergraduate studies, students can build a two-year master's degree and get a field engineer. Graduates will master the vineyards and agricultural measures, applying knowledge of specialized disciplines to improve product quality and above all to effectively manage the entire process of cultivation to control their own businesses.

Admissions === === Candidates do not entrance exam, but were recruited on the basis of expediency. Included is the average for the past three and a half years of study in high school and the average for the school-leaving examination (in both cases the maximum 100 points). The adoption will then decide the order of candidates. The attendance form will be accepted up to 40 candidates, 50 candidates in the combined.

=== Open Day

At the open day you can come look at the Faculty of Horticulture 8th December 2010, 5 January 2010 and 2 February 2011, always at 10:30.

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