Mathematics in the University among the best in Europe Added:29.11. 2010
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Mathematics in the University among the best in Europe

Charles University is the only university in the Czech Republic placed a new assessment of European universities güterslohského Centre for Development of Higher Education „ExcellenceRanking 2010“ in mathematics.

CHE ExcellenceRanking 2010 German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) the standard of European universities, taking into account the number of publications and citations, the mobility of students and teachers, offering Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses or scholarship grants Marie Curie. Is also crucial that scientists in these fields receive a grant of the European Research Council ERC or the Nobel Prize.

In addition to quantitative variables ExcellenceRanking contains much useful information on master's and doctoral degree programs, faculty size, conditions of admissions and accommodation. His study also evaluates the current conditions of students.

CHE ExcellenceRanking not prepare the order of the best universities, but the stars awarded for criteria, which ran at the University in particular excellence.

Centre for the Development of Higher Education (CHE) is an independent organization based in the German city of Gütersloh and each year prepares ExcellenceRanking – evaluation of German and foreign universities.

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