Three private schools threatened the suspension of students for next year Added:29.11. 2010
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Three private schools threatened the suspension of students for next year

The Accreditation Commission has found serious deficiencies in the quality of teaching at three private universities. ** This is a Comenius University, Prague **, ** Kladno Central Collegiate Institute and ** ** ** Hotel College in Prague 8 The Commission therefore proposed for these schools to suspend recruitment of new students.

In the case of the Jan Amos Comenius is instruction in master's degree programs at locations in Frydek-Mistek and Old Hrozenkov so bad that it shall terminate the commission recommended, and students move to Prague.

The Commission is now referring the matter to the Ministry of Education to initiate administrative proceedings. By mid-January will be a list of actions that were taken to improve teaching.

Accreditation Commission for providing accreditation of university degree programs. It supervises the quality of instruction in case of doubt may propose a suspension or ask the school to rectify the situation. As the Institute of Hospitality Management, its rector Stephen Mueller has announced that criticized the office Havířov cancel. Other schools have not yet commented on.

More about Accreditation Committee: The „Law on Higher Education“:…neni_552.htm (parafraf § 83) and „site“: / Accreditation Committee.

** Source: ** Czech Radio „:…prava/816194 "Www.ceskenovi­“…ch-vs/561822

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