Brno University awaits hockey match Added:30.11. 2010
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Brno University awaits hockey match

After last year's first year, this year will face two major universities in Brno and will face in ice hockey. In Brno Rondo Hall will battle University Hockey ** **. The winner will be decided exhibičního match on Thursday 8 ** December from six hours ** of the evening.

The event will be held under the auspices of the Rector of Masaryk Petr Fiala, Rector Karel Rais and Mayor Roman Onderka.

The first year was 25th place March 2009, won by Masaryk University. The match was included in the celebrations of the 90th program Anniversary of MU and 110 Anniversa­ry BUT.

Poster for the event can be viewed ‚here‘:…niverzit.jpg.

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