Unilever contest for a new laptop Added:29.11. 2010
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Unilever contest for a new laptop

** ** Company Unilever has organized an international competition for university students. Participants are asked to solve five case studies from real-world marketing, sales, finance, human resources and logistics. Tasks are associated with the real brand.

The competition runs five weeks, from 17 ** November to 22 December 2010 **, but you can join anytime. Always from Wednesday to Wednesday in the English entered the new task that addresses competing in the interactive case study. So gradually collect valuable points.

The game is a series of attractive prices, the most successful leader gets a laptop, two iPods. Czech Round Winners will be officially announced in January 2011.

Source: „Unilevergame“: http://www.unilevergame.com/ „Vejška.cz“: http://www.vejska.cz/clanky/31735

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