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Open Day at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT Added:30.11. 2010
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Open Day at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT

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Like every year, that opens its doors Electrical Engineering from Brno. This time, students may be available on the faculty of the third and 16 December, from 10:00 in the Auditorium of the Faculty, in its new headquarters at the Technical 10, Brno.

This office was opened in October this year and is truly magnificent home of the major technical colleges. „We believe that this time there is a lot of candidates because we have to offer, not only in terms of facilities and studios, as well as student activities and exercise,“ said public relations manager, George Wagner. For students, the lecture being set on the studio tour specialist laboratories, a competition for valuable prizes, but also eat spiders, or an introduction of implementation projects such as centers of excellence CVVOZE, SIX or CEITEC. Students also learn about the possibility of student activities, which is a huge faculty – can participate in the fraternity for students, which organizes events such as drakiáda, OpenAir Festival of Music from FIT or Run to 53 „Technically educated young people is scarce. In addition, graduates of technical schools that are much easier to get involved in practice, than to be economists and other“ modern „subjects,“ says Wagner. More information about the faculty at or at / FEKTVUT

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George Wagner External Relations Manager

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology University of Technology

Technical 3058/10, 616 00 Brno +420 541 146 3­54 GSM +420 604 504 695

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