Brno University Awarded its best athletes Added:4.12. 2010
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Brno University Awarded its best athletes

Twelve of the successful athletes on Tuesday 30 November took the honorary award from representatives of their universities. ** Czech University Sport Association ** Brno announced the eighth most successful athlete academic city of Brno in the past year.

Awards went to five students at Masaryk University, among them Roman Labounková (cycling), Jan Palenicek (natural bodybuilding), Tomas Slavik (cycling), Jan Šikulová (artistic gymnastics), and James Tomecek (shooting). The University of Technology, four students received awards: George Antos (triathlon), Jiri Hradil (orienteering on a mountain bike), Petr Kadlec (floorball), Lukas Tomasek (triathlon). The Veterinary and Pharmaceutical univerzotě succeeded John Juračková (orienteering). Representatives of the Mendel University in Brno, on whose land the award was handed over, as an academic athlete of the year has again selected Lukas Vaculik (Freestyle Skiing).

Czech University Sport Association is seeking to ensure favorable conditions for sports on campus. So she decided to reward the significant achievements of students in national and international sports competitions. Many have succeeded in winning an international competition such as Master of the Universe title holder John Palenicek, conquerors of the world record in sports shooting družtev James Tomecek or a participant in the Olympic Games in Vancouver Lukas Vaculik.

** Source: ** „Website of the Czech Association of University Sport“:, press release, announcement of 30 November

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