Space Future perspectives: The competition for talented students Added:5.12. 2010
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Space Future perspectives: The competition for talented students

** Flight Into the Future Project Contest ** – is a competition for talented students and young scientists who are interested in the possibilities of space exploration. This year's competition announced by the Organising Committee, „The prices of Robert and Virginia Heinleinových“ (The Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust) is looking for projects primarily aimed at the peaceful uses of outer space and its potential for economic recovery.

Work submitted for the competition should include both scientific and technical and economic analysis of projects, including practical applications and proposals on economic and social support. According to the organizers of the project is to support young scientists in an attempt to introduce new ideas for the common future of humanity in the cosmos.

The competition is open to students, graduate students and young professionals under 30 years of age. It can be individuals or teams (up to three members). Work can be deposited into the 7th ** July 2011 ** in English or Russian language. Application forms and further information, please go to „this address“:

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