Explore the Slovenia Business Hive! Added:7.12. 2010
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Explore the Slovenia Business Hive!

Slovenian Student Organisation Management Group invites all interested students on a five day project **. ** Business Hive It is a unique opportunity to experience real-world business challenges and gain valuable practical experience without any risk. Students can also meet with prospective employers.

Students will work in small international teams that will compete among themselves in the specified categories. Members of the winning team will receive at the end of the symbolic value and corporate advice. Price includes program and meals, accommodation and local transport is € 150 ** ** (can be broken down into two installments).

The event will be held from 16 ** to 20 December 2010 ** ** Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana **. All communication will be conducted in English. Detailed program, registration and more information, visit the Business Hive.com ": http://www.business-hive.com/.

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