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Clash of the universities is approaching Added:1.12. 2010
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Clash of the universities is approaching

Press news

Student hockey fight is approaching. The second year was set in pre-Christmas period – 8 December. And as expected at home matches Comets sold Rondo.

Last year, the victory delighted Masaryk University, which defeated University of Technology, to the raids. This time again waiting for a balanced fight, which would be monitored according to estimates, nearly 7,000 loyal fans. * "We believe that will have fun with friends and greet as many students but also parents and friends. It just does something special, "* says match one of the main organizers, ** ** Szöllösi Thomas, a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology, Biomedical Informatics field, and bioinformatics.

Endorses the game, both from the university leadership, as well as the student associations. Also, promotion of the game is comparable to a professional extraligovým game. * „This year, it really could be exceptional, despite all the problems with the term, we are pleased that we can stay in Brno's Rondo, which we consider to be the temple of hockey,“ adds * ** **. Szöllösi After the event is prepared for all visitors with a big Afterparty hockey gladiators. Here, the action will continue and other events.

More information can learn to

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** Information about the faculty: ** Electrotechnical disciplines were first at the University of Technology, BUT the first time already in 1905. Since 1959, when it was founded as an independent faculty of energy, which later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has successfully completed engineering studies at our faculty of over 23 000 graduates. In 2001 the present name of Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT) and a year later acquired the accreditation of new modern-ranging study programs in a structured study. The faculty has more than 4,400 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. Studying at the faculty is focused on a wide range of scientific areas: control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power engineering and electronics, electrotechnology and electronics, microelectronics, and Radioelectronics Teleinformatics.

For more information, please contact me.

** Press contact: **

George Wagner ** ** Public Relations Manager Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT GSM: 604 504 695 mail:

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