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Choosing a field of study ... But how? Added:15.12. 2010
Updated:13.11. 2012
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Choosing a field of study ... But how?

Select field of study is not exactly the easiest decision that life brings. Some of it are already clear in high school, others a few days before the filing desperately discuss the current range of fields of study and according to them looking for the best. Whatever it is, somehow, before you apply, ask yourself some questions.

What do I like?

In considering the future of your field, you definitely should first consider what you enjoy in your life. We help people? Do you have a positive relationship to nature? We look forward to when you can with a calculator and charts in hand to solve a thorny mathematical problems? Do you enjoy writing or creating anything? Even such minor things can be important indicators of what you are closer than other things. And maybe that is exactly what you should dedicate even their future studies. Your choice, you can also discuss with people who know you well – but remember when that show consideration solely on what you want for your neighborhood, sometimes not paid.

I be willing to study and with the move to new home?

Often, in particular students from larger cities where there is at least one high school, considered an unwritten obligation to sign on just one of them. But it is often prepared to study the possibility, which might suit them more. Think, therefore, an option that would have applied to college or start looking for digs in for you by a new city. If you see this vision is not too far away and they caught you with her sudden panic from such sudden independence, boldly to browse the schools must be from the opposite corner of the country. After years of study will flee in two shakes, and then – if you still want to – again, you can return to his hometown.

I do tend to study or practice type?

What you should definitely take into account is also your general taste for learning. Consider whether you always accommodate more protocols of physics, marking the maps, making experiments in the laboratory and counting tasks in mathematics, or lie in the history books and write a term paper of the social sciences. Your inclination to study practices of those who will tell you some things about whether you will be better for the field rather more practical, or teoretičtějšího character. Not always, but usually true that the theory more funny in a humanities-oriented fields.

What I want to do in the future?

If you still do not have on their future profession clear their start in their considerations on this topic should be about whether you believe you are able to lead a social type of people, or have closed more solitaire. Also think about whether you are happier where you are in direct and frequent contact with people or more you will enjoy, though due to their acquired knowledge will be one contribution to the general human progress. When searching for a suitable domain he certainly visit the websites of faculties and sections generally known as „graduate profile“ or „Graduates“ or pages, into which the interviews with graduates of specific disciplines.


The current offer degree courses is very wide indeed and we can say that it is still growing, but more diverse range of decreases in the ability to orient them correctly. What, then, to watch out for?

  • ** ** Field name – the name of the field while always indicates the area in which the study is likely to happen, but it says nothing about the specializations offered nor taught. Each school can draw up all the same field differently. One of the most fundamental difference is that some may be more oriented to practice, others are again more concerned with theoretical knowledge. Also of objects is governed mainly by the teachers what kind of lead them, because they tend to be experts on this or that particular area and since it also depends on the specific instruction.
  • ** ** Teachers – already mentioned composition teacher tells a lot about the quality of teaching. Profiles of teachers, including their education, practice and experience can usually be found on individual faculties or departments.
  • ** ** Personal experience of students – official information about the contents and course of studies published on the school site or at portals or in specialized publications, although decisive in choosing the field, but are single. Ask in your neighborhood, if someone your chosen field itself being a student or knows someone like that. The „confessions“ of the current students, however, keep in mind that their personal experiences may be slightly affected as personal distaste for this or that subject, failing an exam or negative experience with one of the teachers. So it may not always be a bug in the concept of teaching itself.
  • ** ** Additional costs – they are important to you as well as costs incurred on the study, carefully read through the curricula of individual subjects. Although not a frequent phenomenon, there are items that require the purchase of special equipment, computer programs, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to calculate certain costs such as the practice, study trips or special rates.
  • ** ** Exams – the contents and conditions of admission should be among the first information that they choose their field find. Interesting you should not only taking the courses, which are exams, but also that which is recommended reading to them and what area will place greater emphasis (such as biology, anatomy may be preferred před botany, in mathematics, logic, geometry před etc.).
  • ** „Mortality“ ** – this messy word hides the percentage of those who for whatever reasons, the study is completed. Can obtain an indication of the share received (and hold) the number of successful students and graduates of three, respectively. five years of study. Retrieved ratio may be significantly distorted by the fact that many students extend their studies, and thus receive such a year later, or for some reason, the study voluntarily terminates – and it can not always be a degree of responsibility for failure or difficulty learning in general .
  • ** Request ** on the job market – in addition to the election itself your dream profession that Elo could be a springboard for choosing your field is a good idea to also determine whether to put you in this field will be no interest. Information about the demand for graduates in the labor market provides such „integrated portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs“:, similar issues are also addressed such as education policy, Education Centre, Charles University in Prague („GMP Charles University ":…). Tellingly statistics in this respect, the Czech Statistical Office (“CSO":…nanost_prace).

For more tips for choosing the right field read „here“:…ou-vysokou-2.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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