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The team in the U.S.: Three months lifeguard in Texas Added:10.1. 2011
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The team in the U.S.: Three months lifeguard in Texas

Are you attracted to go into the world to practice the language, some traveling and still have extra money? Zuzana Švajgrová decided to acquire such experience. „Working abroad I would definitely go again and recommend it to all,“ he says of his three career lifeguard in Houston.

Zuzana Švajgrová, twenty one student at Palacky University, decided to combine work with travel, and passing through several courses in America, she managed to obtain interesting and qualified job. If you would you like to try something similar, you might need to go abroad through the program „Work & Travel“: # Preparation.

** You have had experience with foreign brigade. What exactly was it? **

I worked as a lifeguard in the U.S., more precisely, in Houston, Texas.

** What was the job? Have you ever had to really save lives? **

Responsibilities of the pool was concern, because our pools are small, just for a neighborhood community where the pool is only a few lifeguards, usually two or three who cleans the pool, scrub, vacuum, oversees the order and the safety of visitors, of course – just sits on a stand (one of those chairs over the water) and when something happens it must intervene. Saving lives – well, some dramas are becoming very rarely, once I started a little girl in the middle of the pool to swallow cherubs, then disappeared under the water and slapping there, so I jumped on her and pulled her out, but that was all. Then I also stuck a broken knee, stopping blood from the nose and the like, which is usually quite common. However, the knowledge and skills in how to save lives if necessary, must have a lifeguard and may not be taken lightly – after all, what if?

** How does one get such a brigade? You have the right contacts, or is it available for everyone that lures? **

It is available, just about the people must know. Classmate friend rode this last year and was thrilled, so a friend said to try it too and spread it among other well-known. Just on a lifeguard course one has to do – techniques in water rescue, first aid, CPR, swimming pool chemicals … but then gets interesting, skilled work. Just contact the agency that facilitates and ensures the course, find employers, help with visa and so on.

** Housing arranges for you alone, or is conveyed to you? **

Originally we were to be housing provided by the employer, but that was a little difficulty, our company was very disorganized, in the end we were looking for housing themselves through the internet, we agreed a group of people who went to the same place and rented an apartment. Which brings us finally released in the conversion cheaper than if we had arranged accommodation employer.

** As it was with earnings? You must have something else pay the price, or you some money and drove home? **

Much depends on the employer. As I said, we were quite unlucky (although it was not bad), the company took a lifeguard too, so we did not sometimes even forty hours a week and almost no overtime, the overtime was for a man earns, current salary is to cover costs. We do so for some time to find another job, too, as lifeguards, but at other companies where they were all very nice and helpful, and you travel a little extra money.

** What did that experience give you? Would you recommend something to others? **

Definitely recommended, I mean simply going somewhere abroad for a longer period of time. One very independent, learn to deal with a lot of things, enhance language, meet new friends … I certainly regret.

** You should have a little time travel, or it was mainly the work? What are your main impressions of America? **

We worked three months and ten days to travel, so mostly work, but I flew to San Francisco and Yosemite and just these few days have been absolutely wonderful and unforgettable. Impressions from the U.S. are such that it is above all a great country, where each state is a little different, so I can not judge and generalize across the board. In San Francisco I could still live because it is free and beautiful city, still imbued with the past Beat Generation and the hippies, Texas for me to sit down too liberal Austin is an American too, so lots of cars, no public transport, nobody goes on foot, flags fluttering everywhere and I felt quite tight and unfree. On the other hand, there's a couple of very friendly and wonderful people, whether in Texas or California. And be willing smiling clerk at my store in the Czech Republic very lacking, as well as smiling willing passer, who on their own advice …

** Would you go to this or any other foreign brigade again? **

On this brigade was not, though not because that would be bad, contrary, to wallow in the pool under the palm trees and sun and take in a ten dollars an hour is nice, but again I would like to see a completely different country and try a completely different job . So I went abroad again and definitely recommend it to all. Just stretch her wings and fly from the nest to horizon.

Photo source: Susan Švajgrová

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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