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Tips for foreign university rankings Added:3.1. 2011
Updated:14.12. 2012
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Tips for foreign university rankings

Looking for education abroad, but do not know which school to choose? To help you may need international rankings of universities.

Rankings of World Universities compiled by various institutions. According to experts, however, deserve the respect of international academics just two of them: the annual ranking of the British newspaper The Times ranking and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Which university is best according to them this year?

Strong emphasis on reputation among experts ranking puts ** The Times **. Because of the lack of sound in the world with him a number of Czech universities lack. Still, the four most important Czech universities (Charles University, Czech Technical University, Masaryk University and University of Technology) position than in the past significantly fast as before. Although they are located somewhere in the third to sixth hundred universities among more than seventeen thousand universities, it is not so bad result.

Right half points in the evaluation form at the aforementioned scale evaluation of academic experts, who describe the quality of online questionnaires in school fields with which they deal. Fifth point can be obtained from the ratio of school students and teachers and other one-fifth of the number of citations in scientific journals, which the school receives through its research. The remaining tenth of the evaluation is the ratio of foreign students and teachers. It is true that the more foreigners employed by the school or educate, the better. Details of the evaluation can be found on the pages of „The Times“:…e2235223.ece.

The first four rungs of the regularly rank slovutné British and American universities Cambridge ** ** ** ** Oxford, Harvard ** ** and ** Yale **. Year after year, variously Swap the order this year, University of Cambridge last year defeated reigning Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology ** ** leaped from ninth grade on the walls near the winners. The monopoly of Anglo-American universities disrupts the conclusion of the second tens ** European Institute of Technology ETH Zurich ** ** ** McGill University in Canada and the Australian National University ** **.

The best traditional Czech schools fell ** ** Charles University, although decreased by nearly forty rungs on this year's 267th place. At its 401st to 500 a position from last year's 394th site offended ** Czech Technical University **. ** ** Masaryk University and University of Technology ** ** ended like last year at the 551st to 600 place. Chart, which can be viewed „here“:…2010/results, he ignores other Czech schools. „There is always suffer by our universities, where faculty are not all good. It is a problem of post-communist countries. At prestigious universities can not allow some faculty were ‚junk‘,“ says reporter Peter Benesova of the Czech Radio.

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Winner of this year's ranking of The Times University Cambdridge.

Rating ** Shanghai Jiao Tong University ARWU ** (official site rankings are „here“:, according to an academic certificate Chronicle of Higher Education considered the most influential international ranking of universities in the field. It compares more than two thousand universities according to the criteria of evaluation of teaching quality (number of graduates who were awarded the Nobel Prize and other major awards in science and research), quality of schools (judged by the number of current teachers who received the Nobel Prize and other major awards, and also the number of published studies in professional journals), according to research institutions and the size. The results of this year we wrote about in „August“:…ch-univerzit, when the current ranking published. The first rails brought Shanghai ranking list compared to other competitive order: U.S. uzmula all the top rungs of British universities at the expense of giants. Harvard won the Gold ** ** Silver ** University of California at Berkeley and bronze ** ** Stanford University **. Charles University in the ranking fell similarly, it is divided by 201. to 300. place. Other Czech universities in the first pětistovce best universities have emerged.

Charts, there is much more. Shanghai ** Academic Rankink of World Universities and the British ** ** ** TopUniversities QS is the most comprehensive and most cited. Mentioned rankings but does nothing to solve such as art schools, whether art, theater or film. Many disciplines have their own tables focusing only on a specific area. Even in the Czech Republic is completely lost.

The success of this year, celebrated especially ** University of Economics in Prague **. The ranking is published for the sixth time the Financial Times, in the top sixty-five list of best master's degree programs in management found the Faculty of Business, University of Economics in Prague. Czech school in this ranking was given for the first time, and the 58th place.

** Even if the Czech Technical University, ** you can rub your hands, between the technologically oriented institutions occupy in the ranking of The Times 121st and instead jumped straight to the fifty seats. In natural sciences the better off the rails nineteen, and the 265th on 246th place.

The results of the two most important charts differ both among themselves and between years. It should be noted that no criteria are not ideal. Two years ago the international conference participants from the academic community agreed that such rankings bring more harm than good. "Much of the public does not understand the methodology of classification rankings. Top scoring schools can be good for some students, but not necessarily for everyone, "warns the server universitywor­ Andrea Sursock of the Association of European Universities.

Neither the key to finding the ideal school is there. Nevertheless, insight into the ranking of world universities subject to at least ponder whether to try learning some award-winning university abroad. The difference of hundreds of partitions compared to Czech schools probably means something.

** Source: ** „Economic News“:… / best-ranking-tall-schools-proprietors timesy.pdf + the + Times +% C5% Beeb% C5% 99% C3% AD% C4% 8Dek + university & hl = en & gl = us & pid = bl & srcid = ADGEESitpZ6G2Cu8J3dUq­dpCDkHWvLUeXvVKbbF6NrDsK­NWw2cftCnWFnPMDc7ZMAN805­uswhvvjQXwFN0Q­ZBVAfoamLIVfhib2Z-vWkqrTSIaf0MIM­bnyynApGbHHyJ01XDTD­Qsrvp4 & sig = AHIEtbR6lMsHjPwrL­bnZh_CTi-rX9CiSOA , „“:…az-300-miste, „People's New­spaper“:…n_noviny.asp?…, „“:…iverzit.html, „Czech Radio“:…prava/643260 „Www.ceskenovi­“:…tovce/516269, site ranking official referred to in Article .

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